Why are so many radio peeps fugdugly and why not show a bit of eye candy Today’s Daily Breef

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In an era of feminism and not being fussy over good looks, I still often wonder why so many in radio that I see in even older years of people in radio that just look fugdugly. Guess the images from within our studios even going back to the early 1970’s of long hair, some face cover beard or at least mustaschio , tie dye T shirt, jeans cut off at the cuff and allowed to frey and sneakers are a thing that is not seen much in those geek housings of radio people of yesteryear and little of today. Even going to the xtreme of no shirt at all, and sporting tatt ink, and jewelry is even a staple of our studios. We show off the standard of no standards, at least in the concept of both more stimulating radio, and/or fight the system anti-establishment broadcasting. Might be why all of our stations are still on the air generating good income of all but one here in Wendell Idaho, even this one is keeping its head above water, while other stations across the country are selling out, or being swallered up by big conglomerates. Cumulus, IHeart, and others. Some of those have approached us in the past and just recently, wanting to buy us up, t which, I just kindly showed them to the door. SouthernSteele/KnyteWolf Media is not for sale at any price. Too much sweat, tears, beers, and sleepless nights have built a brand and sets of brands and there is no intention of ever selling. Relocating studios perhaps, but never selling out. Then I saw some banners from ohwowohio.com that was rather bland. To put this in perspective; A few years ago now, I went to an LDS hosted dinner, for some goofy celebration. Hey Free food. There was served many things but the thing that got me was this tater soup. It was really bland, so thanking my Savior, I got out my Tabasco sauce a few drops, now we had a soup that could be enjoyed. Add spice. This is what I really try to do with what we do in imaging and branding, and why the hot lady  talent searches. When we put up something I want that image to grab the viewer by the crotch not just the eyes. In today’s social media and other environments, you have at least a milisecond to get and retain the viewers attention, if one station is shooting arrows, our station is firing a 40 mil cannon, off a M1M1 Tank. I want some kick and spice to what we do. Look I don’t give a French flying turd, if everyone else is playing it safe, if I’m authorizing paying for ads whether FakeBook, On TV or in trade magazines, I want our stuff to stick as well as wet noodles, not slide off the wall so-to-speak. It’s like this doTerra stuff we sell in the Emporium. The products do what the home folks say it will do. doTerra has something to cure just about if  not everything its darn close. The problem is the only real marketing is through indepent distributors. Few if anyone knows its out there, how to get it and what it does. Every morning and through the night in between my news sessions on air, I see ads fo OmegaXL on an infomercial hosted by retired broadcaster Larry King. The ad is sorta believable but consider if doTerra did a big ass kicker infomercial followed up by some good TV and radio ads? Sales would go through the stratosphere. Imagine pounding the newsfeeds on FakeBook with some eye catching ads> Even to the point of co-oping ads for those independent distributors. doTerra calls them builders. If those same builders would throw up a FakeBook or such ad. Even us here at the radio network would give half off to the independent builders. Say $50.00 a month for unlimited ads. I believe in the products that doTerra manufactures. The problem is few if any one knows about them. If it hadn’t been for Kathleen ceo of the CowSmiths Family Band, hadn’t introduced me to the healing oils. I remember when Kathleen and an associate of hers came over here to the studios in Wendell. We did a combo voice show, and started mentioning doTerra. For 4 days running I was getting calls around 30 a day wanting to know more about the products. Since I had little information on them I had no real answers. But I got calls. Now imagine if both Kathleen and an associate came over did say 3 shows a week, and plugged doTerra, and even did a radio infomercial, can you imagine the inquiries? Now imagine if we followed that up with a couple TV infomercials and the Knytes co sponsored some ads say on the local TV stations. Face it, knowledge is power, and in this case knowledge means sales. Face it, friends, I’m in love with doTerra, it has cured and at least aided and helped heal a lot of my personal maladies. My headaches are nearly a thing of the past, Basil, and Melaleuca rubbed liberally over your forehead on your chest and under your arm, removes pain. doTerra will even reduce swelling and get rid of bloodclots the list is endless. Best thing is the products are all natural, From yeast infections, to male crotch infections, from dry hurting feet to dandruff, doTerra has oils that fix it. Problem is few know of it. I’ve made a mission, to get the word out on doTerra. Catch me on the air tonight at http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf at midnight. Until Then Stat tuned.

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