May is Military Appreciation Month. What have you done for a Veteran lately? And So you think you really know the Hells Angels or for that matter the real SAMCRO MC?

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So you really think you know the Hell’s Angels, or for that matter the real SAMCRO MC? Most likely you don’t. You look at us on our bikes or at our radical rides and just turn up your noses. You consider us as though we are Lucifer himself. Did you know that both the Angels and SAMCRO MC were formed out of  military air combat squadrons? The Knytes-of-Dixie is a regional Charter of SAMCRO MC. The Knytes were reformed in 2001 from a few good Marine and Navy Aviators from the VMA-214 BlackSheep. We are nick-named the AyreWolves and our inside group is called the WolfPack. Few if any squadron has worn the globe and anchor more proudly than the 214, and fewer still honor that globe and anchor more than the WolfPack. In my own service I flew SAR Helicopters for and with the 214. I also flew sorties in a F14 Tomcat and did flying duty in the first of the AV-8 Harriers. The only reason you seldom see me in uniform, is for two reasons, my original uniform , along with my ribbons and all were stolen in 2009 as they say in a foot locker in a office space that housed the original AyreWolfFM radio studios. Yes that one in Gooding Idaho. You’d have thought that the Goodwill store all of our gear was hauled off to would have thought that uniform in that footlocker was important and turned it into at least a military center or DoD. Nope it was hauled off to the dump. The second uniform I have is just too damn small I can’t button it up. So it sits Good news though , I have only 70 pounds to loose to get my GA back and be able to fly again. Moving on. Considering flying again. I have been feverishly looking for a hangar space somewhere near here in Wendell Idaho, to house the Lady, but am not coming up with anything big enough. Remember the Lady is a 222A Bell chopper. And she needs lots of room.  The Lady is owned collectively by the WolfPack and AyreWolf Aviation LLC. I suppose the mirror image of both the Knytes/SAMCROMC , and Club 81 turns people off. I remember 3 office possibles that we had in mind for the studios of AyreWolfFM/Maximum Overdrive Radio. One was in Boise, two blocks from Idaho Public TV which would have been a great extension for us, had it nailed down for $350.00 a month. My associate at the time mentioned bikers, and the deal fell through. The next one was in Evanston Wyoming, some old attorney was retiring and wanted to rent his office. If only my sweetheart Poohbear had not mentioned the MC, we would have gotten it under the WolfPack, the last was here in Buhl Idaho. We had a place that has been sitting for just over 4 years there. Had it nailed down but when I mentioned it was an MC combined with a air combat unit we got rejected. Seems as much as some people around here bark about how much they support the military and us who served that its mostly lip service, rather than really honoring us who served. That’s why we are here. To serve every military combat aviator both still serving and those reassigned to civilian duty, that wore a globe and anchor, but all Veteran’s. With it being National Military Appreciation month, what have you done for a Vet, lately? Did you take one to dinner, lunch, bought him or her a cup of coffee? Help pay a utility bill? Cell Phone Bill? Maybe a car payment or even helped him or her with his or her rent? Don’t just say thanks for your service demonstrate your thankfullness by action not just talk. Think of it this way, VA Benefits are lackluster at best, Medical expenses from wounds and not just the wounds of the body , but wounds of the mind such as PTSD, like I have, yes I take meds for it, but they cost money. Yes the VA picks up some of that tab, but there still is a co-pay and that can add up, I some months don’t even refill my meds, because I can’t afford the co-pay. Hey my money mostly goes into the radio gig, I’m lucky if most months if I have money left over. The only relief I have found that does any good is doTerra, oils, and the talks I have with Kathleen. So the next time you say you Know Club 81 , or the Knytes/SAMCROMC think again, learn who we are, not what you assume. The next time you say you honor a Vet, do something for one, don’t just say thank you for your service. I’ll be on air at 08:00 on 

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