If there ever was, on Earth a perfect Mom mine was it. I’m in tears today and Sunday as I mourn over my mom again on Mothers Day.

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Colonels Personal journal Sunday for most folks marks Mothers Day. To many their Mom’s were the cream of the crop. I can honestly say, mine was the perfect Mother. This world turned much better while my Mom walked the Earth. My Mom and anyone that knew her from Big Jon in Layton, to many around this confused area of Idaho, will tell you My Mom was one of the most kind, God fearing and obeying women I have ever known. Whether it was out in a field of the 300 acres we owned and farmed near Hazzard Idaho, my mom could make water run up hill. She kept water on those fields with a plastic dam, a shovel. While I slept in a buggy by her side, wheels under water in mud. My Mom could drive a truck, milk cows even to the point of training our cows not to mess in the barn during milking. Mom tamed every dang thing on that farm, raised many farm stock. Of course there was my Mom’s Military career, and the fact that the C5-A Cargo military jet lands properly due to my Mom’ design and engineering team.  The F-11-A’s sweeping wings were my Mom’s design, along with the prototype for the F14-Tomcat. But my Mom was most at peace in her old pants, ball cap, cut off shirt in her flower beds and doing her gardening work. Big Jon, and I would frustrate My Mom when we’d make roads and play with my Matchbox and HotWheels cars and trucks, in amongst her 4oclock flower beds. Oh and cooking? Sheesh my mom made some of the finest food ever to flap a lip over. She did Spagetti in a sauce that should have been bottled and sold, Prego would never stood a chance. My Mom’s Speget sauce took tw days to make, as it simmered filling our house with smells that was so good. Baked goods? My Mom’s home made bread, cakes, and so on, shit we could have opened a cafe. My Dad passed on in April of 1978, after that my Mom, took over all administration, of the Montgomery Foundation, funded the creation, of the Street Commanders Club, that Big Jon, by my Mom’s order was the original President of, and even though his Wendy, made him quit the Club for a time he’s back in as of last year. My Mom saw and funded the formation, of The original and real, Hazzard County Garage of Hazzard{Hagerman} Idaho, along with the Hazzard County Knytes[Knights] that is today the Knytes-of-Dixie. So in May I always get the blues, Mothers Day on the 13th, and My Mom’s Birthday, on the 28th. My Mom retired as a Vice Admiral, the first of the U.S. Navy, so when someone says they have the perfect Mom, maybe to them that’s true , but in all respects My Mom was the prime example of and was the Perfect Mom. So if I seem out of sorts this month of May, understand that I still mourn the loss of My Mom.

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