Sorry I’m just mind cruising and babbling its called can’t get on air cuzz big bad Bessie is not feeling well. Just things you wonder about.

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151654_15big Have you ever wondered just what you would do if some gal that looked super hot in nylons, allowed you to inhale and smell even kiss and taste her feet and toes in those hose against your nose until you could not take any more? Have you ever thought of, do women get skid stains in their G-string shorts, and do the cover up the dung smell with perfume? What you do if she said , go ahead and take a sniff? It has been said that a vagina suspended just millimeters from the top of a man’s joint will instantly cause an erection. Does it really? Have you ever experienced a vagina so tight, that she got you off twice within an hour, and still would not let you pull out, that she knew how to use those vulva muscles. That in fact did happen to me, circa 1994 somewhere in Clearfield Utah. Have you ever witnessed a Morning dove get it on with another one? Have you ever thought what the planet would be like today if Eve hadn’t ate that confounded fig? Trust me it tweren’t no apple. Or if a man could fully understand women, or offer hope and kindness to another lady without it seeming like your wanting to mate? Have you just sat on your bike or in your truck, with engine off and stared at the highway, and wondered why it seems like the road is moving but your not? These are the things I think of every day and what I try to relate to all my gearheaded biker,truckers, on my radio show. The problem I keep having is computer wants to run full throttle , but CenturyLink no matter which plug we plug into is so dang slow that the computer has a headache. Now to relate in Evanston Wyoming, although not the symetricle connection we have here, still was more dependable and I spent a heap amount less, and got TV to boot. When our organization gave birth to HazzardAyre Radio in 2012, which is Hazzard County Radio that we were doing in Buhl, Idaho and AyreWolfFM Radio that Erin and I did in Gooding Idaho combined. Our idea was to create the finest over the air, for fun, fight the system, anti-establishment radio thing ever put out over the the air. In 2013 I found streaming finally after many years, and for 3 hours each day I did a show. but 3 hours didn’t cut it, so one eve in Evanston while downloading the top of the hour news, I discovered for $120.00 each month, I have my radio platform. While I like things a bit on the trashy side, still I don’t and will not be vulger, or junkie, but I make no apology  for the fact that I like women. Yes I’m hitched to my PoohBear. But I still marvel at beautiful women. I like how they smell, taste and feel. So yes I’ll be kinky, stinke, but never vulger. Catch me on the air daily at: 

My AyreWolf Sigwolvez head

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