Oh how I yearn for a Walmart open at 3AM. And this is what they call progress?

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Yesterday Saturday, after I got done uninstalling Malwarebytes off of both my computers and finding they run better without those programs, I turned to sleep mode and as such I put myself into sleep mode, from 12:01 hours until )1:00 hours I went to planets unknown and didn’t really care if I returned. I often wonder about these companies so much in a hurry to get to market and generating sales that they overlook the product, itself. How is it going to work in the real world? Limited bandwidth, low connection and processing speeds, rural antiquation, and so on, didn’t Malwarebytes consider that these products of theirs might have contention issues in rural, areas? Unlike Santa Barbara or silicone valley California. Face it, just because things flow like cream and honey say in Salt Lake City or Provo Utah, does not mean that same volume of information or metadata can flow to Wendell Idaho. Although a bit better in Evanston Wyoming and considering one of the best Telecom/Internet/TV companies in America supplies Evanston, company called AllWest Communications. Still even they at times have issues although less of them than any other I have found. As I experienced there. I could spend more time producing radio and tending to business and less time doing diagnostic scans. You’d think, CenturyLink, and Cable-One would get their thing running better. Yet its fiber over copper, and thus breakage in lines when there’s a storm, troubles grounding when the dang dogs pee on the connection towers at the end of the roads. But the Telecoms are not all to blame. These software developers, no matter who , ought to go out and look at their customer bases rather than sit in those tiny cubcles in California. AS For California, we as a media company had a office booked at the same place Business Rockstars is produced. Had plans to finalize that following the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas in mid April. Guess what I was treading the waters of being a DoTerra builder, and dealing with a person involved in that, who told me to pretty much told me to shuv it , the other day , If I were a vindictive person, I’d say guess what honey, you owe me and the Knytes at least $25.00 for the loss you caused me. I’ll never see that, but she ought to. Could I file a charge of sexual advance in my home, when she forcefully insisted on a foot rub then got so near to my toes in sniffing them that she almost kissd them? Sure I could, but why? Just a misguided person in an insane part of America. But I ain’t doing it again. Made a deal with Kathleen , if she and some of the DoTerra people want to contribute $25.00 each month, I’ll run ads for both DoTerra as a product and them as a distributor/builder. As I get ready to fire up the Maxi-Overdrive show for a Sunday morning, I am in the thought, that this area might not be the field, to plant these seeds, that perhaps a bit close to the origin of the Network might be better. here that’s at and all, next entry. Be on the air at 06:00 Mountain Standard Time, at: http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf 

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