All these dang women, part 2 and the Afternoon Deelyte.

motr logobook of ayrewolf

This morning and all through the show today, I kept feeling like I had left something out or missing of the report on the leggy examples of God’s good work, to give grand eye candy on our billboards and such. 

The thing wasn’t one of those things I woke up one morning with a stiffy and thought lets have split tails parading through Knytes Hall, nope that wasn’t it at all. The influence of two wake up calls, came from, the original version of both Overdrive Magazine and Owner/Operator magazine, with some of Truckin Magazine thrown in. Of course having stimuli, in the form of HeeHaw on TV every week, back then didn’t hurt either. So in the teething period of the TTA,(TeenAge Truckers Association) which was the beginning of what is now the Iron Knytes Association. We thought lets have some examples of our own area honeys enhancing our home brewed trucks, rods, bikes etc, submit same to these magazine editors in hopes of getting featured on their pages. Then came the days of TV, once that took off it was that if your going to spend money doing that , might as well have something that grabs attention. From that point to now it has always been our quest to find the snazziest ladies of our valley, photograph, or videograph with our custom one of rides, to enhance recruitment of members. Increased membership means increased membership dues into the cash stash, and greater strength in numbers. The thing is it wasn’t and especially today a method to draw in exotic, erotic honey’s so we could endudgle on their posterior. Now then, as far as On Air’s. I have had many that I have trained and those that were part of the original team. We at one time had 4 young ladies, and 4 patched members. They would do their own individual shows then do team shows. However there are those you never have to train, that has the right chemistry, that your always on the same page with. For that, there have been only 3. The first was a gal named Joele Webster, she was doing College at CSI,(College of Southern Idaho) and eventually went full time with us. She currently is our laison, in DC. She walked in and within two hours could finish my sentences and know what I was going to say or do before I did. The second was a sweetheart that was every  bit compatable at least on air as a second chair as well as it being darn near spiritual. I’d be sitting at home thinking of a show for the next day, and Robin would call me up and say I was just thinking what you were thinking. The funny part there, had I used the gray matter under my hair, If I had split from Janice and made Robin my other half, the possiblities are beyond imagination. She could go in during the day before a show, read copy, alone, and I could mix in the background music without skipping a beat. We really were that tight. As far as the stinky toe thing. She got it and was always in hosiery, would tease me insainly with them, even drape them over my face if I fell asleep, during a news break or a sporting event we were carrying. She’d come in and just take her rather soiled hose, drape em over my face and say, sweet dreams. She was uncanny. Thing then came, being involved with Monkee(Janice), she wanted to be nearer to her mom in Payson Utah, so we moved. Never did find out what happened to her after her run with ABC that we got her a career job at, but I keep wondering if only I could find her today. The final one is of course Erin, who I still say looks like Nurse GoodBody from HeeHaw 

the grand pair

  This was an uncanny coincidence. So then Erin’s only question was, when it came to the stinky kinky toe thing was, Pantyhose or stockings? The rest flowed like milk and honey. She and I today are still very good friends, in fact Erin is the second lady patched member of the Knytes. In those short instances, it was the crew and team I assembled that made the operation run as well as it did. What I’d give to have someone work with me today on that level. With Erin being married today and only doing short projects she’s more a home maker that actress/model, but she has a job with us any time she wants it. Then there was Tammy, Tammy was great at first, but she got tied up with a nose candy salesman, and as such robbed the club,(mostly me) blind. Its not about having someone in the studio that constitutes any idea of a romantic he and she thing. It’s more on the idea that its two genders, that work off each other, one as the straight person, and the other as the comic, and can dual purpose the role. Yes the toe thing always enters in as TOWLexi2 and TOE179f01f8ff4196f93b6ba1c0890c8c29--painted-toes-sexy-toes (1)

Kinky yes, over the top sexual? No. Any mile it’s my snooze time, we’ll see you on the cyber highway radio haul, later tonight on KTOW FM 105.7 Hazzard Idaho and online 

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