Then of course there are those women

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One of the things that came up last night at the After Hours Meeting, was of those very revealing threaded women, on most of if not all our graphics. This subject comes up more than the oatmeal at a Hazzard County camp out. While its been said they are rather racy, and attempts have been made many times to correct the situation. The condition of the matter is, there is no training, representation, or professional agents/agencies in the immediate or extended Twin Falls Idaho area for model/feature/TV talent. I’d like to have talent in the same 1920’s era flapper skirts, and all the is of the time of true Military aviation lore. I’d like to depict the look of the pin up’s and all of that time. There were some very classy and romantic women of that time. Sadly there are none here, nor none that will take the idea seriously enough to get a task from basic concept to finished product. Yesterday, from my associate in Utah read a thing that some $300, million bucks is about get get dumped into the Utah basin as far as Hollywood, is concerned. Disney shows like Andi Mack and a couple others are being shot there, two feature films are being shot there. When was the last time you read or heard of any major film studio taking an interest in anywhere Idaho? Why, no training, no representation, no agents/agencies, and to many self rightious women who can’t see themselves beyond being a handi homemaker. Not that being a home maker is not good, but this part of Idaho, is living in a 1950’s era mindset while the rest of the world around it is in 21st Century progression. No wonder new ideas, new and better jobs and/or higher wages are not in Western, or at least Idaho. While some areas of Idaho such as Boise has moved up a smidge, the fact is as an old cop in Glenn’s Ferry said it and it sticks; There is the state of Idaho, and the state of Ada, and seldom do the two trains meet. Not that they couldn’t but the religeious few make dang sure it don’t. To prove that fact, yesterday at Church. I met 3 people with both current as well as future political ambitions. The focus here? They are CHURCH MEMBERS. The State of the state, and the state of the church state are not often seperated. Very few of the time does secular and Church mentality coincide. Its usually a severe battle. Thus certain people go to Church, just so they can be seen with the greater populas, and as such prosper. Its called being a Cultural Mormon, and not a true believer in Jesus Christ. Would I like to have visual talent dressed better, and never have to harvest near naked talent from the Web? Sure. Would I like to have that innocent look from the early 60’s or even western cowgirl look? Sure. Can I get it? No, Because if you say pin up, or model, you get the immediate opinion by most that it must be porn or at very least quite kinky. Biker gals, how about the tight all pants and only a few skirts leather look? Not bikinis. Can I get that? Nope. Why? It is not available, two even if it is, someone doing such activity from their house must be something hidden there. Of many reasons, the main one this gig of ours is not in a fanct smancy office studio, is there just is none, that is priced inexpensive enough to attract anyone to them and two, just none available. Nope Western Idaho? Work for a dairy farm, or just don’t look at Western Idaho. Industrial expansion is just not going to happen. Will be on air at noon, on 

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