It must be a woman thing, hope Kathleen can get her money back from doTerra

motr logoAfternoon Deelyte

Before I get into my usual rant, dig this!! Karma is a real Witch, and she showed her colorful feathers this morning, and I wont say anything more about that. 

The other day and its been a few since Sunday, since Kathleen dropped by, maybe she got cold feet or something, although the gift I promised her and family once the dust settles from the rip of the Montgomery Trust that promise will be kept. That said, and I don’t fault Kath, but that dOterra outfit, while the products are great, and work as described, the companies data system, and memory at their HQ does need tweaking. Dig this; went to log in to do a registration for some seminar plus to place an order. Customer gave up, and left. I was embarassed , and as such, a customer yes, Wellness Advocate? No, just hope Kath can get that money back. A great company or organization should not be measured on the basis of a large complex, big glass walled all window structure, but by the efficiency and a well oiled operation. I can firmly say this; For all of our mishaps, stumbles, the Iron Knytes Association along with all 4 of our subsidiaries the Hazzard County Knytes, The AyreWolvez , the Knytes-of-Dixie, and the Deere Dazzlerz Association not only operate good, but very well, thanks to the strict entry, and the only by death exit of the organizations. While we as a whole are not doing well financially as we used to, but we are together. We get the job done. That all said I have seen the high and mighty fall, I have seen the powerful loose their power and can even say I could topple a state Governor, now soon to leave his throne, with a few documents that can show malfejence at the mishandling of contracts for improper gain. I usually don’t like to feel some relief if not some satisfaction at someone else’s demise, but today was one that proves myself, and the Knytes are not such bad neighbors, that even as large as a company gets they will get theirs, as my mom once said and it proved itself today, the bird that flys too high usually ends up in a pile of manure. Had our own problems today with computer, but less of them, since I got rid of that Malwarebytes program. Maybe tech companies ought to iron out their beta systems , BEFORE releasing them to the public. 

Hope Kathleen can get her money back on me and all with that doTerra stuff and we’ll be on air at midnight. TTYLY

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