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Around year circa 1985/86 somewhere unknown by the membership of the original Independent Truckers Association, President/Founder Mike Parkhurst, sold his publication Overdrive to Randall Publishing. When he did, Randall, Publishing quickly killed DateMaster ,1974may-girl-232x300 Centerfoldretro-cover and a few other eye candy pages,the rm made the magazine a more business publication and in time , just ruined it for every independent, owner/operator long haul trucker in America. The ITA itself nearly died. Except there was one State charter, of the ITA, in the Mountain West that held on. They faltered, regrouped 4 times and is what you know today as the Iron Knytes Association knytes shield main2 . The secondary parent organization of both the Hazzard County Knytes, as well as the Knytes-of-Dixie. In 1998 we were approached by Randall publishing to add to our line up, a thing they were doing called the Overdrive Top Ten Countdown, and Overdrive Truckers News. With that we linked up with one of their people Mindy Baker, who along with OTTC host Bill Mack did up quite a few show intro and a few into liners for KTOW and KDXC. In 1999 as an organization reworked our overnight haul gig, from just Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio, to Dixie-Diesel/Maximum Overdrive Trucker Radio. In 2005 we dropped the Trucker thing and just ran as Dixie-Diesel/Maximum Overdrive Radio and the rest of that is history.

Now I have seen a few postings on a few sites and pages on Facebook, of old Overdrive Centerfolds 1973may-Dodge-girl-232x300 and DateMaster Gina-Yellow-Sweater pics. As such while back in the day those gals were as hot as could be, however over time, both the feature truck, and the featured lady eye candy, might not look as good today as they did back then. So most of the morning our editorial team has been tossing around the idea of digging up, and maybe that’s accurate , but digging up some of those older honeys, and hopefully the trucks, and doing a photo reunion. A where and what do the look like now, edition. Be looking here for information on that in a future issue. 

Then this morning got into a ruckass with some younger than 35 Yankee, and some gal on Facebook that now has me in Facebook Jail, (again) but they were singing the song of crowd funding. You know like Kickstarter, Change.org and such. My experience with both is that if your an enthnic challeged lady in a medium to moderate sized city your chances of gaining crowd funding is greater than if you in a small rural town. The view through those outfits is that small town, border line success. Big town greater possible success. Of course getting outside press ink doesn’t hurt either. Then this one gal on FB started whining about how she and this Yankee, couldn’t see the relationship between military service and the delay on a food box. So I’ll point that out to some of ya’ll. In 2010 at a point of only a year after my med discharge, and some DoD paperwork, my cupboard was bare. So I was down at the Buhl Food Pantry. Hey I was hungry. So I was there, filling out the forms was called up about to get my box, INCLUDING milk, when up comes this Hispanic woman, with 4 kids in tow, who couldn’t speak any American English. Guess who got served first? Got the last of the milk boxes? Look just because I wore the Globe and Anchor does not make me better or privlaged, nope, but treated equal yes. Like, ” Stand in line sister I was here first.” Yes I stand my ground for our Confederate Government. In our way of thinking, if your born, raised, and have your ancestry in this nation your first all others including those that hop the fence south of Texas, comes second. I had to really paint that picture for that gal. She just did not get it. Hey, I think President Trump is a spoiled brat that needs his ass whooped. But the one thing he is doing that I’m for, is slamming the door on all these immigrants. I’m not just saying of the Latino community either, whether its India, China or other Oriental, nation, African, don’t matter, unless your born here, raised here and have your roots here, stand in line and wait your damn turn, and lets take a damn good look at you first, before we issue you, that green card. I’m tired of calling Government and other offices and have to listen to a explanation in Latino. If you can’t speak, read or understand good old American English, stay out of our nation until you can. That’s all I’m saying. As I close, and I should have known this was at the foot footswatch of it, one of those young whipper snappers, was in a Paul Revere outfit. The minute he saw our stars and bars it was time to load the rifles. Here’s what bites my groin like the spider that sleeps with me at night. This>c1 pisses people off, while at the same time this>mexico-printed-poly don’t , I may not be a Ivory college graduate but I’d rather salute this>c1 than this>mexico-printed-poly Just call me a good old boy Confederate American that isn’t afraid of saying so.

Be on the air at 20:00 see ya’ll then, on http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf 

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