Going back to simple basics

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Is it that really that complicated or are too many just simple and stupid to understand? It amazes me how one population can be that shallow and not see the bigger frame picture? The question hit, earlier this evening, from an inquiry from a gal from Twin Falls on being a cover model for the Website. When it was asked would she allow her toes to be kissed she said, ” not happening” Now that said. It’s not a too much over the top. I have spelled this out so many times that my fingers hurt. Simply stated this is a tow truck 32293415_10209599180736348_2635026169115705344_n and this is a toe 179f01f8ff4196f93b6ba1c0890c8c29--painted-toes-sexy-toes (1) now if you put these together it rolls out We LuV Toews(alasweet toews yet some people absorb that concept entirely wrong. So my question is, if you read the job description, knew what it is, and then not agree to it, why send an attachment of even bother me? So now lets move on. I have had though two situations today where absolute Yankee stupid has entered into the picture. One was from some off branded news blip editor, who got things mixed up and now this. My question has to be of several, A; Did the nuclear testing in southern Utah and the radiation from it skew the minds of these people, B; is it the colder weather that slows the flow of grey matter in these northeners brains that wont let them drain? and C; is it just the degradation of the educational system? Or is it a combination of all 3? So the media crew and I had a teleconference since I couldn’t watch the webinar on dOTerra, earlier. The thought plan is to strip most of what has been smothering the radio gig and just perfect, HazzardAyre Radio, in its purist forms. After all if truth be known everything we have done around HazzardAyre has been our doing, HazzardAyre is God’s doing. As it was God that planted the idea in my brain, and has been the foundation of our media gig since 1982. So why not fire it up? Watch out Maximum Overdrive/HazzardAyre Radio is churning. Got a blip from Infogenix out of Provo Utah earlier. Think we have them on board to build the site. So grab on to something the spirits of all things Hazzard County are once again about to fly. As I close, I will tell you two things; A; DoTerra makes great things, except when its not something to be taken internally yet it remains on your lips, and tastes crappy. B: I’ll be on air for sure Thursday in the morning at 06:00 Hours(6:00 AM ) Mountain Standard Time. On; http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf Until then ya’ll sleep well.

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