Who dropped the ball at the 10 yard line in Idaho?

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cooters corner.jpg I caught a thing this morning from Vickie down at TMG our official talent booking agent, in SLC. She said that a few westerns were going to be shot down Ogden way, one right on the street and a block west of one of the Club’s hangouts. And I got to thinking, why isn’t there more films etc, being shot and produced in Idaho? I remember 2 episodes of the X-Files being done near Boise, two B.J. & The Bear episodes shot near here, and one Jake and the Fatman episode being shot in Twin Falls. Beyond that, when was the last, or for that matter why not more being shot here in our state. Did the Idaho Film Commission, puke? What happened? Is it that like us, that few if anyone or any actors/actress’s willing to work in Idaho, if there are any? I watched a local high school a month ago, do a live remake of Beauty & The Beast, which they did with little to no serious blunders, so why are the arts such as acting, film production, audio production etc not being encouraged much less taught? I remember there was talk, and maybe that was all it was, but I heard chatter of a multi million dollar audio and video production facility that was to be built in Meridian. Or is it just the Boise/Treasure Valley area of Idaho, blooming and not the rest of the state? Any time I read that Utah is blooming and Idaho isn’t , I have to ask myself, even though we, do our operation in a small primarily residential house, that we can’t light a fire under someone’s ass to bring Hollywood to Idaho, like Utah has. Over the last few weeks of the primary elections, I have heard from many who were seeking votes, that the job stimuli, has still been and is building on agriculture. Fine, farmers are important without them nobody eats. However how about looking past farm jobs, and lets look at other careers, like Technology, and yes acting and film production, including radio and especially TV. Just some of what we’ll be chatting about on the Show this evening. Outside of the CowSmiths, haven’t heard any noise from anyone wanting to jump on board of the HazzardAyre Radio wagon. Had one sniff around a bit yesterday, but guess we were a bit to racy for her. Now let me paint a picture and preface this first. There is nothing and I mean , nothing that can, would, or could happen to a female on air or other staff member, here at HazzardAyre, that wouldn’t, couldn’t happen in a office complex facility. I say this, since I remember this gal who applied to work with us and did quite well, in Woods Cross Utah while we were there, show up at midnight, and as sound proof as those offices were, anything could have happened at midnight when we did our live shows, but nothing really did. Same conditions as here, in fact considering the neighborhood I’m in they’re more likely safer here at the Wolf’s Lair. That said. The one thing that endeared me with Nurse GoodBody, was the fact, at the time she was living in Jerome. She would drive the near 20 miles one way, on ice and snow, to be at studio at midnight, to do LIVE radio. Lets groove there a minute, 8th south, next to NAPA autoparts, midnight, between two bars. Versus middle of Wendell, between two busy bodies, who hear and listen for even a mouse to fart, and where do you think is safer? I said it in 2013 when I moved away, and moved back because I was conned to do so, if Idaho doesn’t soon pull its head out of its butt, there’s going to be one big desert land mass abandoned between Boise and Rattle Snake Pass Utah. 

See ya’ll on the air tonight for sure.

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