Beyond belief huh? And would someone stop the wind?

cropped-hazzardayre-radio-press-logo.jpgTHE END OF DAY

So some folks hinder at becoming deeply involved with the HazzardAyre crew? Dig this and there aren’t many companies in this area that have one, but ours is one of a few that has a Dun and Bradstreet number and a D&B rating as of excellent. That’s right . In Fact even our FTN is still operational, under one name; DIXIE TOEW DASH that’s right tiny Dixie Toewing of Idaho is still going and going strong as well as all our subsidiaries. So some of those lady applicants, that think we are not worth their time, or those that we are beyond belief might want to reconsider. Might be time to really drop by the Wolf’s Lair and see with their own eyes what’s going down. Okay then.

Had every intention of being on air tonight, however we are off terrestrial radio waves for at least 2 or so weeks. The mighty wind did blow and as such, our Twin transmission towers out west of Sailor Creek out on Bell Rapids have fallen and as such needs to be re erected. So we are off until shortly after June 1st. Which gives me time to find quarters for the station elsewhere outside of my home. Just hope I can get Chandra and others involved, so we can build a crew for over the air. Watch here for , more details and when we fire back up. 

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