Do you really know who called you? And should you believe anything on Facebook?

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So there twuzz just got done chatting with my sweet PoohBear, and headed to bed, when I get a text. Its from the 424 area code. Santa Barbara Ca, area. Now usually this kind of phone call, is usually from some trucking company our tow service handles and with the gale force winds we had earlier in the evening thought oops trailer blew over. Nope. Some hussey was trolling for clients. Yep the modern reverse 1-900- get me into be scam. Now for fun, said ” Hey why not? Never heard anything after. And wouldn’t do that even if someone did show up. Look to all who care and a few that don’t, I got my PoohBear, She’s got me and I ain’t stepping out on my lady, no how, no way. Shelly and I are gettin hitched in August, at a partly private ceremony, and will live life together for ever after. So if your wanting to work for the Club, and/or radio ops great, but its a career opening, not a bedroom invite. Got it? So then was surfing FB and saw a broadcast mic for $400.00 on there that caught my eye. One that Stern used once and with some amplification would be great in studio. So sent the guy a pm, so he could send me an email to exchange $’s. Sorry, I don’t do PayPal. I did once on a really big item, in the area of several thousands of dollars. They got the money, I never did get the part, and the crap I had to go through to get my money back, I just made a vow , neveer use PayPal again for nothing. Any mile, so saw this morning others wanting the mic. Okay, now its in a auction mode. Do I send the money, or just pass. A deal is a deal. Unless its a steal from somebody on Facebook. Now Facebook here is not to blame since they don’t control everything on their platform, or the dishonest people that use it. Any more if I say I’m interested, I send a request. and get confirmation of order , or I ain’t sending nothing, any more. My advice, don’t deal online, buy from people and places you know, where you can hold the whatever it is in your hands. Deal with firms that are within at least 250 miles round trip or less, that way if you get cheated somehow you can show up on their door step and kick ass. At least you’ll get some sort of satisfaction. 

Looks like we’ll be up on air late tonight. We got one of our 285 foot sticks in the air, and guy’d down. Wont have the balls we normally have as with the two sticks, but at least we’ll be on air. And oh yes; even with all of the reworking, know this Samcro Radio still is running, and SAMCRO TOEW is still towing. That name is solid and secure. Sadly though I have some sad news to pass on. Got wind of one of my and the Knyte’s greatest supporters passed on. Phil, CEO Phils Interstate Towing of Bountiful Utah. Is at peace. Phil was one of my mentors of this industry, he will be missed.

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