Never a day of rest or peace around here and ever been on one of those runs?

motr logo Rebel Reaper's Journal.jpg There is never a full day of rest in this neighborhood. Kids who can’t quietly close a screen door, others who have a domestic fuss so bad that you just can’t ignore, then there are those dang dogs. Hey I’m all for the ones across the street from me, they’re my warning bell, but there’s two that live behind me that just wont shut up at night. Then just as you get home(more on that in a few centons) you get into a state of REM sleep, when it becomes daylight and because of it getting warmer, and all you just can’t get into bed. So you wake up and realize the only TV you have is YouToo America TV, nothing good there on the weekends, so you grab a cup of java sit on the porch get into a relaxed state of mind when the noise starts again. Damn it folks Saturday is the day of rest. Please shut up, enjoy the birds songs, enjoy God’s teleplay the little critters climbing up trees. It’s the difference between living in the kountry and living in town. But even when I resided in the middle of one of the busiest intersections in Twin Falls, it was much quieter. So I look on the computer. Chandra has put up new pics. Okay, I’m waiting for that contact to bark. Guess we or I was good while she was residing in the cross bar motel, but not now. Oh well, such is life.

So ya’ll ever have one of those medium long haul runs, where all the conditions are just right and it feels really bewitching? Every time I roll up to Boise or that area, either coming back or going up at that first curve just out of King Hill or the back stroke out of Hammett if the moon, tunes and weather is just right is when you make some mind correcting decision of, where to go, what to do. Dig this I love doing radio, I yearn for that spotlight, that one note of music, and all. But here lately with all the stress, and all the expense, of trying to keep things on air, my mind is just not in it. Face it, except for Mother Smith and family, the amount of real input, of getting involved from anyone has been very slim if at all. A year ago, I dropped by here to start the relocation from Wyoming to Idaho. I had misgivings even then , but went ahead with it. Something I never should have done. In fact I could have backed out just a week after I stuck my nose into it, but then came this gal who was a somewhat pro model person, funny I never remembered putting an ad on FB about here, for such. But thought okay lets get into it. But I digress. Those hours on the road, when the feelings of anything is possible and that you and God are really talking to each other. Not just in prayer as we all should and I do, but when its just a normal, in my swang conversation. To whit, Once my car is paid off, and place secured back in Etown, I’m outta here. It’s not that ETown is that great, its got problems too, but ETown seems much more forgiving, the pansies have moved away, and the chaff has blown away from the real grain. I get 4 calls from Evanston against every one call here in Wendell, plus with all the Tinsel town, happenings only 80 miles away from Evanston, and all I’m a fool for just planting my butt here in Wendell. The magic here is gone from the Magic Valley. just about like the Happy has gone away from the Happy valley of Utah, it just ain’t that Happy any more. Are there solutions to these problems? Yes, but for all that are of the mindset of lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way, there are too many people throwing up barriers in front of you that would take a nuclear explosion to move. Our youth are shooting each other, what ever happened to just giving a kid a wedgy and leaving it at that? No, graduation ceremonies are full of killing and shootings. Come on folks, wake up. As for me, I’m back in a mode of thought, this here in Wendell is not what I bought, and I want out of it, and week after next, its bust a move. 

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