The way I see it broadcast TV and Radio have an attitude problem,

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Before I get off on my regular rant here, understand this, DoTerra is good stuff, but it tastes like eating crap. Once you do the rub down, if it comes to using your right hand, which is the one I use , mainly right fingers, for SKOAL dipping, it just can’t get it out of your mouth, tastes like well shit. So it wuz , went to another DoTerra meditation grouping, and mother Smith was in a big rush. Hard to relax when your rushed. So with that I chose my Cedarwood, mostly cuz CedarWood, don’t smell like womens skunk piss. Like some of the other oils. Had to use albeit gingerly all over my arms. Yuck. 

Okay then: Back in February, found I could get LPTV from Twin Falls, and started watching the two channels that didn’t go digital. Which means rabbit ears, on an old TV. On there is YouToo TV Network, which is a sister to BiZ TV, which both have radio sides to them. The first show that caught my eye is Business Rockstars. The main point was Business Rockstars lady host Alex, who does a fantastic job. So once I saw they had a radio side, signed our network up with theirs. Started airing their radio shows, and audio for the TV shows on our stations plus our online shows. So after a tussle with naming our affiliates as well as co-owned stations we were off and running. What I found once they sent us to Radio America, to be another hoop to go through, was the numerous repeats. No real LIVE shows. Which I grew tired of. Then well lets just say it was a mess. The program needs a LIVE component to it, guess we are the only ones still doing LIVE radio any more and shows that people want to hear. With that said, there is nobody really doing outright flagrant Confederate, or straight out biker MC style radio or TV any more. Censors etc hate the sight of anything to do with the rebel flag. However I also see some gaps in American broadcasting no matter what its delivery system, either over the air or online digital. While ours is 80% online, we treat ours just as it were if it were over the air. We used to run full tilt LIVE in Wyoming and Utah, but with the lack of on air types to hire, hardly anyone for a nuts and bolts engineer, we had to shift to imported content, like Business Rockstars, and a few other so I could sleep, plus do my meat and taters vocation running a tow service and building custom Harley, sized bikes. That said. After watching YouToo TV and all, it seems that its all repeats every 4 or so hours. Either they can’t book or keep any more shows or can’t pay for some regular syndicated shows. Which is a shame. If YouToo, and or Biz TV were ours we could fill that network with LIVE or nearly LIVE programs 24/7/365, and get high dollar advertisers to come on board. I suggested to BiZ TV once about doing up a farm news show. While RFDTV does that well even they have gaps. Beyond that add in some Mechanic style shows, that could compete against the offerings of Velocity TV and so on. YouToo is missing the boat here. The fact is the offerings any more on either TV or Radio over the air are really bad. And yet too few Radio and/or TV execs from the obscure like YouToo, as well as LAFF TV etc, or even Radio America, are too arrogant, or ignorant to see it. This is why, HazzardAyre Radio and soon TV was created. To offer us gearheads something we could sink our teeth into without having to rake out $250.00 a month for cable and or satellite TV. We must be doing something right, since we have through our affiliates have right at 50, million listeners a week tuned in. And we never charge anyone to listen to our archieved shows. Just go to, or and you can enjoy us any time anywhere and learn something while at the same time being entertained. Any way I’ll be on LIVE starting at 06:00 AM Saturday morning. See ya’ll then.

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