God said for every door that closes another opens, and I have the most beautiful woman on the planet.

motr logoknytes after dark.jpg

Before I get off on my rants here , need to tell you that our radio station is off the air tonight due to a loss of a Knyte. At 20:00 hours(8:00 PM) long time member and a one term President of the Knytes, Fred Roster passed away from a blood clot, that couldn’t be stopped. Details on funeral and all will be forthcoming in a few days. With that said, our telecom system that feeds our transmitter site that we have with CenturyLink, is acting up again. My opinon is, its too much for the current system here in Wendell Idaho. So that is that an attempt will be made in the afternoon after church, if that don’t work its time to just shut it down as far as online radio, and just run with over the air. With that said, God said, if one door closes another opens, an FM and a TV signal, near Evanston Wyoming has went dark, and looks like we can gain those sites and signal. As such our plans for a TV station there along with another FM there is now open to us. To pass it by, would be stupid, so in two weeks my butt is over there, getting that together. 

fb tah iksmctv

Now then, although I have said this before, and yes some times she does get a bit mouthy, if nothing more than to protect me and the Knytes, still I have the most beautiful woman on the planet. While all too many who tried to get the behinds in my face, my Shelly, My PoohBear, has been with me through hell and back. Not only in the money she contributes each money to the growth of the Club and our radio op, she also is there to boost my spirits and encourage me to carry on. My PoohBear is not going to win no superficial beauty prize, but neither am I. I’m fat, I’m near bald, My body is giving up and I just don’t have the get up and go that it used to. In fact my get up and go, got up and went. So to all those who tried to pry me away from my PoohBear and a few that still do, Don’t even try, cuz this guy belongs to my Shelly, My PoohBear. 

Be on cyber radio after church.

my stick

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