Near Poverty comes in many forms, we ended one today.

hazzardayre radio press logobook of knytewolf

Two or so weeks ago, just after Church, I had to have my dear associate from here in Wendell, come over to the house to chat, about something personal. In that conversation, without saying it, I suggested I could use a few bucks to go fetch toilet paper and some Goody’s Powders, My friend reached into her purse, and got out $20.00 so I could get what I needed. I felt so ashamed that I could not show myself at church this morning. But the President of the club, and a few others in light of yesterday’s passing of a former President of the Club, had a teleconference.  amongst everything, I was near ready to howl. Now just prior to that was a blip on fb for me to call our gal, in Boise. We talked(For those that need to know our gal in Boise is Chandra), any mile thought came, simply what the hell am I doing in Wendell for get it Idaho? This is not what I moved here for, this is not what we as a organization deserved, and if anything just a financial thank you from some of these well to do, folks around here, some need to remember whose parents helped them to be well to do, My Mom and Dad. Would it kill them to donate or buy time on the radio network at a $100.00 or $50.00 a month? Would it hurt some of these premadonna’s here that think their virtue would some how be tarnished if they were to come and pose with the Mini Stallion? There are hundreds of women that I see on everything from naked or near naked on FB in tatt groups and pages and more, many of those are from right around here. And heck sake they get the stink feet aka toes kissed for a photo op. Nope they just can’t do it. So the Club’s High Council has said enough. Again split the radio op studios, send part to Boise, let Chandra once trained run that, PoohBear and I move to Evanston, and I run tow truck, and station there and do joint broadcasts via Internet. If the rest want to be one of our talents, contact me, of which I send the name and all to Vickie at TMG, let her interview and all that talent then resubmit it. I’m just getting too damn old, grumpy and tired of so many hopefuls applying for work here, then giving me mountains of excuses why they can’t. From no gas, no ride, no car. But damn well come a Friday night, they have transportation to hit the bars and such. What $5.00 or $10.00 in gas is not worth applying and interviewing for a job that pays $1,000.00 a day? For on airs, $5.00 to $10.00 in go juice is not work applying for a career opening that pays just a bit under $2,500.00 a month just to start? Why bother? Then there’s the time waiting, no phone calls, no nothing when I could be out selling ads or finding a better place to house this? No wonder everyone that’s smart is moving either to Boise or that area, or to places Utah and elsewhere. After June 1st want to be a model talent for us, call Vickie at TMG of Utah. Don’t contact me. TMG is our talent recruiter now, and I don’t want to be involved . I’m getting married in 3 months to my PoohBear, and I demand that I have time to be with her. While I know that farming and agricuture is important, hell we all including me need to eat, but with all the Hispanics and such getting the farm jobs, us white guys, especially us Confederate American’s don’t stand a chance. Thus Tragic Valley there needs to be other jobs brought in here. Tech jobs would be a start, but more importantly, the old farts around here need to pull your heads out from inside ypur butts to realize that hey you need to invest in tech to attract tech jobs. And not just in Twin Falls. Will be on air at 06:00 on 

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