The real reason, I hang with bikers, truck mechanics and pilots, is, there not as many assholes as there are with some demographic people.

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Someone not too long ago, asked why I hang more with Truckers, bikers and pilots. The real reason? There does not seem to be as many assholes that are pilots, truckers, and bikers, especially diesel truck mechanics. That said here’s the thing. Went to fire up LiL Wolf, seems as though some numb skull had pulled off the charging plugs and she was barely holding on for her battery’s life. So this same thing happened once before. Of course back then my friend Nate who can fix anything came over to the shop, with his big Dodge, and we unplugged the battery for a few, Plugged it back in and Jump started it, shortly after it fired good. The tiny truck ran all winter, but since some idiot in the neighborhood, had to pull off the extension cords and as such , the battery went down to a level, that was too low for the computer to reboot on the little truck. Okay so went on some dork group Auto Technicians of FB, asked a simple question and you’d think I’d have asked a nasty question. Look if you don’t like someone fine, but just because they ask a question don’t mean you have a yeast infection of it. Geesh. Just wish things would settle down. 

Our sweet sister and new hire in training Chandra is now out of the big house. To keep her out of there and going on the right road, I’m putting this out here. To our big Sister Mirinda, if you know of a potential female room mate for Chandra, give me a call, and I’ll put you in charge with her. 

PoohBear asked me earlier, why I’m sticking with and care so much for Chandra and all, See the first time I met Chandra was at the Magic Valley Mall, she was on probation even then. There is a mixed kind of chemistry there, and I hate to see someone with so much drive, ambition, and ability, having to clean rooms for a few bucks an hour when she could be making good money, and rebuilding her life. I’m going along with the help of the Knytes, going to make damn sure that happens. It’s not like a romantic get down get tight kind of thing, just one BIG brother that wants to make sure she don’t make a bad boo-boo again, and end a life that she didn’t deserve in the first place. I just like her. Not lovey dovey, but I just like her as a baby sister, and I’m going to help her as much as I can. She deserves it

Be on the air in a few hours.

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good night

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