Then of course there’s our illustrious Telecom

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Then of course there is our illustrious Telecom, CenturyLink. Yes its been one of those journey’s. Looking back now I was very naive and stupid. The smart move would have been to do without Internet and all for about two maybe 3 months, applied money to Cable-One, and been done with it. Nope so I could at least write and all, decided to sign up with CenturyLink. Which has been one major mellovahess. When I signed up the gal says I can only get you 5 megs, 2 up 3 down. Not great but enough to write and communicate. When I was just about to say to heck with it the gal says, but I know someone that might be able to help. So she switches me to Pheenix, where by I begin ratchetjawing with some con artist name Raphael . He tells me he can set me up with a symetrical connection of 20 up 20 down. Okay I say. He says it’ll cost me once set up and going a tad over $500.00 a month. So they send out a site engineer. Guy says he needs a backboard , so they can mount the equipment to it. Great but what dimensions I ask does the board need to be? Now during this major install I’m told that I’ll get 3 months or so, on CenturyLink considering the system they are putting in. Ya’ll know the rest of the story. Finally two sweethearts in Utah, got me hooked to a new line and going again. Problem is, I still to date haven’t got a bill for the new line. So a few ago it goes down, go to call repair, but with out the customer code they couldn’t help me. Finally got it going again myself, if its a bill how the heck do I know what to pay, if I haven’t got a bill to know what to pay? No wonder CenturyLink just had to layoff 1,000 plus employees in New Orleanz. No wonder the company isn’t making any new big purchases, your seeing the demize of an aged old Telecom. If it wasn’t for the radio network I’d just unplug the whole damn thing and do away with CenturyLink. 

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