More on Computer problems or maybe just Fakebook video problems.

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Okay why? Why is it that I can view videos from every source on old Bessie our main in studio computer, but can’t on my tiny laptop? Okay you might say it’s the little laptop. Nope not all the time, I say that because Sunday morning and most of the afternoon Sunday when neighbors were at Church or recovering from the drunk hangovers, and I had extra bandwidth over my wifi, that I could watch video’s even stream TV. But nope once everybody got home from Church no watch no video. Which was sad since I really wanted to view a new product webinar on dOTerra. Forget that. Now sure, I’m paying near $600.00 for a symetrical 20/20 on old Bessie and a 5/20 on the laptop/wifi, but if even that 5/20 can do vids on a Sunday, when most are not on their home computers and Smartphones you’d think it’d be all the time. Look I’m not barking to just bark or gripe. I’d just like those in charge of such things, whether its CenturyLink, Cable-One, or the township of Wendell Idaho, damn it it’s the 21st century lets not only meet the 21st century but exceed it. 

See ya’ll on the radio at noon or so. at: , I have some howling to do about Business Rockstars, Radio America and way too old shows. Did Business Rockstars just give up?

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