When the box takes a hit the show goes to the shits

radio logo2Before the Show

Sorry about not getting on air overnight, but two strikes and we were up that certain creek without a paddle. First lighting hits the tower which back tracked all the way back here to the studio, once I got that reconfigured another zap on the wires here and out went screen resolution and settings, so its been an all night marathon, but we are going to try again in a few. Some may say we never had this trouble in ETown, only once, but see ETown Wyoming has the majority of its cable and power lines etc under ground, meaning except for water seepige the things just worked. Western Idaho except for metro Boise, don’t have that yet and even mini metro Twin Falls has that only in a few places. Looks like our Boise Princess, changed her profile pic on FB again. Just when we get used to one she changes it. Her option of course, but no matter what pic she chooses she always looks good. So why change something that don’t need modification? Was going out to mess with Mini Stallion, but the storm that blew through here really messed that up, maybe Thursday after it dries up a bit. Might just need to take the plunge and buy the little truck a new battery and cables. Alrighty then; seems as though, I’m not the only place with problems. Farmers Bank, The Maverick and Simerly’s had data problems. Look the storm with lightning hits terminal boxes, that travels both up and back to systems and yes simply systems take a serious shit. Which means geeks have to jump in and geek tweak, systems. Which takes time, mucho coffee, and a box of Goody’s Powders. Speaking of Goody’s Powders remember Marsha from Simerly’s here in Wendell, that I bought a box of Goody’s for? Well after I snagged the coffee tonight and just chatting, she configured that I needed some Skoal. So with only $4.00 cash in pocket, Marsha bummed me the extra $1.58 and I have the last can of Skoal for the month. You getting the idea, that its costing me too damn much money to live and build a business here? But this is not all I hear. Even though there is already 3 maybe 4 repair shops here, seems the majority have either charged folks here too much or, charged too much and goofed the repairs. Plus none of them have their own towing service. You catching the drift here? That’s not all only one food store, and no sit down full meal cafe here. So a radio thing might not work too good here due to lack of infrastructure on data systems, but a good service shop, Cafe, and maybe another independent food retailer , would do great here. Idea’s are flowing. But hey we have two bars, and one fully stocked liquir store. Hope to be with you this afternoon on the radio.

My AyreWolf Sig33186810_796458230552212_3114314274189606912_n

good night

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