In the words of Emma Goldman, what a man really wants is just to be comfortable

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So watched the SOA episode called the patchover and next to the end of the episode, Jax Teller goes into a cave and reads some painted words on the wall of the cave. The words are from a piece on the subject of Anarchy. Anarchy is the removal of the demands and restrictions, of rigid laws created from greed, materialism , and religion. To be able to really live free. All too many don’t want freedom, they depend on rigid laws, and order. To not allow one self, to think or be required to constrict one’s mind to what greater society requires, not to just let your mind run free, collect knowledge, and create your own destiny. In reality, the only thing a man really wants is just to live comfortably, to be able to take care of his own life, as he or she sees fit. While based on near pure fiction, Son’s of Anarchy was in fact English in its origination. Taken from one of Shakespere’s plays, and reworked into a tale of an MC, there are some solid points. In a few months Kurt Sutter’s new series the Mayan’s will be on FX. My hope is that while that is a success it ushers in the concept of creating a series or at least a mini series/ movie called the 1st. 9, as I’d really love to explore through film, and or TV what John Teller saw for the Son’s rather than what Clay turned it out to be. We wil be on air Friday morning, the two fights over the last 2 days, plus technical problems have me in a state of mind to where I can’t truly create. If I can’t do quality radio, I wont do it at all. Two new film projects on the horizon, One to be shot in and around Boise, and the other in and around Layton Utah. The First is what we call the Hazzard Knytes. The telling of the story in a docudrama form, of  the creation that is the Hazzard County Knytes Kustmz Association that is our main subsidiary of the Iron Knytes Association. The other film is of a personal nature that we call the Book-of-KnyteWolf which will be shot in and near Boise Idaho. To know more be tuned into my show on :   . One last thing, when it comes to such things as FakeBook, is there anyone in California in their headquarters? And why don’t FakeBook have a help desk ? What would happen do you really think, if one were to travel to FakeBook’s HQ, then to Google’s then to a few others and rip their butts out of their chairs in those cublicles and introduce those idiots to the real world outside of silicon valley? That trip is being planned. Have you noticed the all of a sudden move by all too many of these tech companies that all of a sudden becoming transparent? Really transparent? Trust me fellow Confederates, its not honesty driving this trend, nope. Zuckerberg got his butt reamed by the U.S. Congress and some Europian leaders and the rest don’t want those dogs to be at their doors. Stay up on two wheels.


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