Its all Maximum Overdrive and KTOW FM the royalty of high gear truckin radio






Before I get onto my usual ratchet jawing here, doesn’t this young lady just melt your heart?

This is Chandra who is our consultant and talent in the Boise area.

Okay you might have noticed that every other day the header on this site gets changed. Whether its HazzardAyre, SAMCRO MC, Maximum Overdrive or KnyteWolf Radio its still all KTOW FM from western Idaho. Started in 1975 as the only show on radio for those of us who tow, we started with Heavy Hooker Radio as our main show, followed by Highway Hooker Radio in 1978 and in 1994 Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio, which became Dixie Diesel Maximum Overdrive Trucker Radio in 1998. Still to date our shows our programming and our efforts are second to none. Just about if not every erotic, exotic and just plain wild radio, you find was once conceived and presented on our network. Now with 8 individual Radio stations in the Mountain West and growing every day, we stand as the only off brand slightly kinky radio network, that are true road warriors braving the weather, stupid dispatchers, idiotic car drivers, to deliver the load. If you got it a truck brought it and we entertain those behind the wheel. What makes us different is when we’re not on the air, we are out there with a steering wheel and gear shift in our hands. Nobody and I mean nobody delivers for those who deliver for our nation like KTOW FM, 250,000 watts of radio power We do git-r-done. Once we had a full crew, but the membership of both SAMCRO MC and the WolfPack are currently at least 70% are currently deployed in various parts of the world, But they too hear what we do, we are currently on AFRN, AFRTS and the MLRN world wide. We run with 10 people commanding the stations, which is why we are always looking for in studio people that can put up with our offbeat comedy, and hijinx. No matter what pic you see on the website here, remember, its always first and foremost  KTOW FM call letters and yes we do love toews alasweet toews maybe soon we can get Chandra to show her toes. Will be on air in the am on both KTOW FM and and one thing before I go, thanks to Kathleen and hubby Steve for the new to us computer, problem is the monitor cord is too short. So have to wait til payday to buy a longer wire. See ya’ll on the radio.

I still love this pic of Chandra, 

33228021_2157422274272946_381412375992991744_n see ya’ll at 06:00 hours that’s 6:00 AM for you none military folks.

My Samcro Toew Sig knytes shield main2


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