Another show done, now searching for stuff for the next one,

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Another show done, it was fun, threw in a few tunes in for Chandra, a few for PoohBear, let my mind drift on both of the songs, did some yapping, although my ratchet jawing, is kinda off until my jaw heals. That tooth pull the other day, and all took its toll.  Tried to eat some thing during the show, that didn’t help, mouth started bleeding kinda bad. But some SKOAL, and some padding and that stopped. So am relegated to eating very soft foods for a few days. The gal that was to come over to interview as a secondary video talent, never showed as I predicted she wouldn’t. So the high council has flat selected Chandra as our main on screen talent as well as eventually in studio on air talent. While Chandra is making good bank serving food at a IHOP, still a young real angelic lady that Chandra is; is way too talented and intelligent to just be slinging food. I haven’t yet quite figured out why I’m hanging on there. See I caught an answer to a Fakebook ad, from her last year, after the Mylinda, Shasta, Marie stuff. Chandra and I met at a mall cafe place, and even though that meeting was short, it felt good and I knew there was something there that would be good on air. After several weeks of trying to get in touch with her, I just put it on a shelf. Bout the time I was thinking about moving down to Holister, Chandra and I started chatting, set a dinner meeting. Chandra never showed. Shortly after found she had violated her prob, and headed to the cross bar hotel. However I have stayed in her corner , and had a few phone talks with her and kept in touch with her mom. Now unlike many including PoohBear have claimed its not a thing of move in, set up house and such, in fact nothing romantic or in that way at all, more like a sister, which she has became, a Sister and all of The Knytes/aka/SAMCRO MC. Even with all that and you really have to give her credit, she’s working her tail off, got money in the bank and the MC and I couldn’t be more proud of her. For once I have the altitude in my attitude, to produce again, and it feels good. Just as I do every night early morning once I get off air, I start looking at and for subjects to modulate about on air. Example; I put a group up on Fakebook which I truly doubt will take off, but put a thing up about a none Fake Fakebook group/page. A real no bull Fakebook page/group, where if it smells like jive, its outta there. Which is like our radio station/network. I do not and the radio committee will not accept advertising that’s even a bit off real. That said, the other night tried to get our SAMCRO MC RADIO page verified on Fakebook. the bastards after both giving of our landline, as well as my cell, plus a copy of the blooming bill for phone, still couldn’t get it done. I truly need a printer/scanner. Janet had me one for $50.00 But circumstances cash stash wise never allowed that, oh well.  Any mile, more before the show this afternoon, but this old body, is expiring fast so I’m headed to my bunk for needed rest. See ya’ll on air at noon  on KTOW FM and on 

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