Being Rebel and Fight the system does not mean unlawful.

cropped-site-cover-patch1.jpgKnyte Journal2

Isn’t it the way of things? Once you have your find what you need, more want you and/or what your doing vocation wise others want in. Just because we are seen as the next Lucifer we are more the guardians of a community. When one of is shunned the rest follow suit. Once upon a time in 2011 the last season of SOA was about to premier and as an associated MC we wanted to participate if even on a local basis. So we ran over to Cable-One and was about set up ads. While there was a associated shop on the south side of Twin Falls, who did an ad we followed suit. Only we as usual wanted to add spice. So a hot gal in tight leather on one of our two wheeled creations. Immediately the Cable-One purists censors said no. Guess what happened? 5 other performance automotive companies pulled their ads from Cable-One as well. After I pointed that out, Cable-One Advertising flat did not want to talk to me. Nor the Knytes. Ultimately we advertised on the network itself, Cable-One had to air it, and so it went. So what we point people towards sweet ladies with rides? Hey, guys like gals, great looking honeys is why we build hot rides or at least 60% of the reason, and yet there are those, that think its just nasty. Yet more and more, your seeing that there are both local and even on social sites that look and post both tasteful and as well not so much tasteful. Who wants to see naked? Or even bikinis? I don’t I want to see a gal with a little garnishment, like stockings, leather not just bare butts. And who cares about butts? To me I’d rather snuggle with fine legs and feet than a big butt, likewise few if any woman worth anything is going to let you get too ambitious with her anal canal. It ain’t going to happen. As for me I’m just not into fudge packing.  When it comes to fight the system its not that we are unlawful, just different. Our ambitions are simple, show that a gal can look great with a ride, bike, plane whatever and not look like a slut. I’ll be on air right after Church. 

my stick

Rebel sunshinewynged knytes

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