Know what I did today? Absolutely nothing. Want a spot on our feature rotation? Gotta talk to Sunshine first.

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Know what I did today? Absolutely nothing. Bible says on the 7th day he rested. So who am I to argue? After the overnight haul on the air, I crawled in bed, turned off cell phone, computers and since it was cool and overcast went to sleep, and shy of Sunshine coming to the Rode House/aka/ Wolf’s Lair, wasn’t gettin awake for no one. Now there are some that claim, that Sunday is the day of rest. Nope, Sunday is when you worship him that gave us life and breath, Saturday with the past participle of the verb to sit, being SAT as in Saturday, is the day you unplug and get snug, and reflect.  Then with the need for feed, hauled down to Simerly’s, where upon at Frank’s saw Brother Speed resting during the heavy storm, not wanting to mix it up, came home and fired the station computer so it can be ready for tonights show. So then started looking over my email. In there was some seat cover named Stephanie, who looks okay. Seems as though many now want to join the screen team. Thing is now, to get to me they need to contact Sunshine, to gain access. That’s what’s required. No contact Sunshine, I will not interview you. Chandra is Miss SAMCRO MC , but more importantly the exec in charge of ALL talent projects. This is Sunshine: 33228021_2157422274272946_381412375992991744_n if she don’t approve, neither do we. Beyond that really want to contact us? Ya, come by the Wolf’s Lair, don’t just yap a big noise, or email. If your not biker friendly or accepting, then you most likely will not fit in here.

Then cruised over FB, saw MamaLisa, liked what we were jawing about. I still like the idea of a no Fake, Facebook. Or at least a no phony group/page. All too much of or that is in these social sites is not exactly honest. They border on if not all are frauds. Of all the things we are doing is busting butt to create a 100% no Bull social site. Visit and be cool with each other but thalt shall not fib, lie or deceive. Gotta be somewhat suspicious though of a somebody who wants to be a feature, but has some guy hanging over their shoulder. But first to gain access gotta talk to Sunshine, or MamaLisa, first.See ya’ll on the air later: Visit us at 

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