We’re not just a radio show we’re an attitude, we’re , bad, we’re radical, rebel and we’re coast to coast.

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iT NEVER fails, they see one whose in the crew and then they all want in. Sorry ya’ll, but Sunshine was brave enough and took the challenge serious enough to get to us even last year and yet all but a few retreated. Your problem not ours. Then had two ask just what is it we do? Really, are you that dim lighted? Simply put we are and never apologize otherwise, but we are the true bad ass, nationwide, radical, rebel over the top, no holes plugged radio. Completely anti establishment, fight the system, and yet still legal radio, that there has ever been. Few if anyone can compete, although many try. Dig this, publication RadioINK, puts out a tease of wanting to see in studio shots of gals doing radio, mid 80’s era. Hmmm, wonder who started that? Can you say HazzardAyre? In studio comic bits, long before Stern, did them, hmmm wonder who did it first? Like sniffing b ladies butts, to see if they truly smelled or at least what they smelled like, same goes with the feet and toes. Who did it first? Who did the audio test of what does a French kiss sound like or can you tell, if its a French kiss or a just a smooch? Just from hearing? Who did it first? We did. For whatever we are, many criticize us, but they all try to copy us, which is ALL any radio, or for that matter TV gig can do, they can copy, but they never can duplicate us. We don’t just sit and fear the LDS ball and chains on our ankles, in fact the Church likes us? Deseret Transportation the Church’s trucking company has our network on their in truck sound systems as standard equipment. We do what few can do. Because we’re not hindered by Government law, religion, or any fear from advertisers or stock holders. Our membership says what goes on air, and most if not all of them are as wild as I am. See you overnight.

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