Distant tones of far off trumpets sounding. And has it really been 41 years? Damn I feel old, much older.


So was sitting in Church hearing so many talks about how all too many give lip service to thanking us who served in our military, but really fail to give back. After all when was the last time any of these civilians ever went to the home of a Marine, Navy, or other veteran and did something, like mow the lawn, take him or her out for a meal or something with grit? Then I got to thinking of a happening overnight, went to go get some grub from the Maverick, and Stella just did not want to come home. sputtered and groaned, this afternoon seems okay but I think the prick from the car lot was having fun, with the GPS tracker, and wanted to piss me off. Which got my brain to grinding, as it does on such days like today. For every 4 people that are giving me the boot from grand old Wendell here, there is at least 2 trying to get me to stay. Might be conscience, might be something else. My return bark is this; If some ya’ll want me to stay, line my pocket, first pay this ultra high rent, water bill and near $250.00 power bills, next find even 2 people especially in the lady gender that lights me up like Chandra does. One phone call from her, and I’m all charged up ready to go on air. And it don’t need be a big sermon either, it can be just a simple , ” Have a great show, tonight” Or give me even 2 people that have really cared like Kathleen has. Match me up with a gal to help pass those lonely days and evenings, oh that has been tried, the Wendy thing was one, that nose dived faster than a burning zero, with that said, that’s how one gets me to stay put. If you so much want me to go, then hey, don;t encumber my car, quit disabling my truck. Why would I want to leave? What about the 4 cops that said it’d be a good thing when I first got back here? What about the big fuss, just because I wanted to bum the lawn mower from next door? What about too many pushing away those few honeys that came by that could have made this media gig of ours  go full throttle? Then I look at , at least 4 people that were loosing traction on their action, one is our Chandra, and one that hindered my leaving in the first place. All three without going into details, left this Tragic Valley for both Boise and metron Utah, and are doing 800% better than they ever did or could here. As for me I need to regain, my LexiBelle, for without it doing radio and all as the voice of the highway is just being a figure head and fronting. No thank you. Same goes in part for flying. Which is why I’m not in no big flurry to be on air or do much right now. Look , bottom line, whether I’m here, whether I’m not Stella gets paid off, two truck needs fixed, three need LexiBelle back to make extra cash.  Which for those that need to know, when its winter and snow I tow, thus extra cash in the stash which means bills including car payments get paid sooner. Summer months money flows slow since there ain’t many tows.   

Now then, will I miss this little house? Sure, its the first time I have lived in a single house since powers that be ripped me off from the house near Hazzard in 2000. That said, when between my military pension, and my Lady PoohBear, we only get just under $2k, a month. $1,000.00 goes to my personal things like child support of a child , son that I have seen maybe 10 times, since he was born in 1987. Yea real nice, pay out the ass, but just get gassed. Of course there’s Marla’s off spring that I consider mine that I help with, plus Monkee’s especially Mike, but even Mike, is doing better since he got away from here. Maybe they’re onto something. Wendell and this part of Idaho is where people come to retire and die. Nothing much more unless your milking cows, or farming. Even then, you best have an outside money pipeline like I have with the Knytes, or you’ll just drown. Look I’m thankful for the Knytes, the small bit from PoohBear each month and to a degree what help I get from the Smith’s, but all of that means nothing. At the end of the day, I just get to look at 4 walls, gray clouds, and hardly any kind of TV. This ain’t no way to be. Now before I go, and this surly makes me feel really old, but do you realize today the 27th of May, marks 41 years since the first film of Smokey And The Bandit rolled out onto the big screen? 41 years. I remember coming up in mom old Chrysler, to the Ace Theater here in Wendell, to watch the first edition. My how time goes by. Ysterday was Stevie Nicks birthday, of Fleetwood Mac fame, 75 years old. Two of the pop band Abba are in their 90’s. Damn I am getting ancient.

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