A Moms advice is worth a ton of maybe, new leadership at the helm of the Knytes, and don’t put all your bets on just one horse.


Yesterday outside of me still being sore from upgrading some electronics on Stella, was also a special Day. Not only your Memorial Day, but yesterday had she still been alive , was my Mom’s Birthday.  97 years old. Yet Mom is as much alive in me as always. I still hear the words of knowledge and advice. I still feel her guiding hand in every business venture I engage as well as that for the Knytes. My Mom was not a Yale Ivory school graduate, mom came from Military as well as solid southern kountry back porch thinking.  Mom used to say, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, my restyle of that is don’t bet on just one horse. Open up the doors to more of an open view. Sure, Chandra is our main selected talent, for representing the MC on TV and Magazine/web ads. But is she willing to sign paper that commits her to 24 months of being on call with and for a 1% Motorcycle Club? Or will she say this ain’t really for me? At that point I need to have the ability to pivot, and rotate and have back up’s.  Speaking of back-up’s, Jonny resigned his Presidency commission of the Knytes (aka-SAMCRO MC) stating both vocational and medical restrictions{seems we been down that road before don’t it?} so Lester Culbertson Junior , is now President of The Knytes, pending special elections in November 2018.  Which I fully know where all this is headed, but as much as I’d enjoy the ability to serve in that capacity, right now I gotta get my own house and operation in order first, before I take on that responsibility.  Even so on a daily basis I pretty much run everything any way, but still its groovy to have folks to ask, now what?  Okay then; having options. Boise is a good choice and not just because its cool for hosting Chandra Miss Samcro MC, but because of the community there. Not only flashy screen honeys that are available there, but with a 4 year Graduate University, there means there is fruit there to pluck for the radio op. Plus Boise is 100 miles or an hour or so from me here in Wendell, to where I can boogy up there and do my bit while keeping my bones planted right here. On the flip side, LexiBelle is in ETown Wyoming, stilll needs mending. Going there for a few weeks to do that and looking around Metro Utah, means income from the films and such being done there, which could open up the doors to a facility aimed directly at being the home plate mothership of all that we do on radio and TV. There is just things available there, that will be decades to being in rural Idaho. If its something farm or agriculture related, Twin Falls and the greater Twin Falls area is where you want to focus resources. However if its, music, media, the art and such like film making. The greater area of Twin Falls, including Wendell/Hazzard etc ain’t it. Ya gotta be where the human as well as tech resources are at, like Boise, or Metro Utah. Now granted a month or so ago, I saw a high school play that was outstanding, and the person producing that was as well outstanding, but the person is a female, not a human biker male, that looks like its going to consume little red ridding hood.  Which is why I’ve been busting my nuts to find just one or two women to head this up, granted it’d be minimal to no pay at first but what could be grown far exceeds what could be imagined. While that could’ve been done just 5 or ten years ago here, cain’t now. The area lives in to , too much fear on such things here. So you have to look where the wilder side of mentality resides. Again Treasure Valley Idaho, and or Metro Utah.  Finally this morning, need to say I’m praying that Mama Smith, will drop by with a ten spot for me so I can fetch some Goody’s and so on, thank goodness Fed, pay day is two days away. See ya’ll at noon on the radio at http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf 

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