Will you roll me over now, I hurt too much, and I think we got the little bugger.

Samcro Toew Gazzette mini hedder.jpgKnyte Journal2

I think I got the little bugger, not absolutely sure, but Stella(my car) seems to be running better. But to get to some components, of my performance upgrade, the ways I had to twist and turn, and limited access room, all surrounded by plastic. Whatever happened to good old American steel? Guess we had to swap, refining more go juice from ancient primates, than molten lava that makes steel. One vice after another. So was mid sleep, when I configured had pain in my rib cage, guess that drop on my chst earlier did more than I thought it did, so off to the Hazzard ER, and sure nuff bruised ribs and spleen. So Doc said you stay still for a day or two. So waited for a spell, as Mama Smith was to roll by with some $’s so I could go fetch Goody’s, to push aside the pain, but guess they didn’t make it back from Boise in time. So waited for Chandra to call, no call all day. Which brings me to this point: Outside of her, Erin, Emme, and a very small grouping ALL and I mean ALL< our talent bookings are handled through TMG or Talent Management Group.  Vickie just gets what we do, and does the best to deliver. My mind is then free to create things from metal, and media. Not have to worry is such/n/such going to call, is such/n/such going to be at a shoot or filming? I know from my ink on paper, and the fact that unlike all too many talent outfits in the region, TMG will have the person or person’s I need where we as an organization needs them, and its not me having to stress over the, “will she call or show up thing” In our view jump or be yesterday’s news. Of all the talent, I have met at TMG Was this gal named Michelle Wilson. I asked that only women in nylons, that really stunk, show up for a casting call. Only Michelle got the idea, of the 20 something hopefuls it came down to 3, why, both agent and talent and us were on the same page. That’s what’s called efficiency. Now across town, at Urban, who has a outlet in Boise, the same pitch was made, had us all hepped up, except, when I pitch the ultimate toew smootch that is one of our trade marks, they had a problem with it. The difference? Urban was too stuck up and lost a large contract(us) where as TMG, gained a client and friends for life. Well, with it all the big move has been put on hold. Too much to do here to finish things up, so looks like I’ll be right here in Twendell, for another month or at least a few more weeks. Need to run up to Boise to find sub studio facilities for Chandra and all to work from, then need to get down to both ETown regarding LexiBelle, then to SLC to find the HQ of what will be KnyteWolf Media aka home of all things rebel media.  Which means it’ll be a year that I moved here and to date the day I finally move out of it. So will see you all near noon or so today, on air, still planning on firing up at 06:00 but my body is way to sore to have to put with too much streess. 

See ya’ll on the radio.

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