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official radio logoMorning Break

As I get ready for bed and refresh for another day, I am wondering about this Miss SAMCRO MC choice and thinking that too might be better pitched in a slightly larger market or through an agency. Now it’s not that I don’t like Chandra or anything and from a personal basis I’d do what I could for her, but this radio gig and all that goes with it, is after all a business, and I can’t keep holding things up for that maybe she’ll call point of view. A year or so ago, I met her at a coffee meeting in Twin Falls Idaho, There is Chemistry on a business level or at least there was. Back then she was on probation, she needed a gig to help pay for school, and the Club was obliged to help. Then came late October, I was to meet her for a dinner to discuss terms of her involvement in the business and so I made the trek there, and after 7 or so calls, gave up. Few weeks later through a mutual acquitenence Marie heard she got busted on a PO viloation Okay time lost, winter set in and all the time she was doing time, I kept in touch with her mom and sometimes Chandra herself. Once she got released she needed our gig, except now she has a place of her own, she’s making good money at IHOP up there, and my guess is that A; she no longer needs our gig, and B, is too busy for our gig. So while I’m still hopeful, as the upcoming President of the Knytes, I can’t just sit and wait. Yes Summer just started, but I’ll be damned if the PR gig for SAMCRO TOEW and/or HazzardAyre/SAMCRO MC Radio is going to be put off any more. The idea here is guys like good looking bodies to see to prompt them to want to tune into the webcast and or TV show.  Unlike Hollywierd, sunshine and warm dry weather don’t last long. You got to get photo op’s in when you can, The Knytes need talent, the thing needs shot and our formal website needs built. So while I may be hanging my head in Wendell Idaho for the next few months while I pay off my car and all, thoughts of planting our seed of radio/TV in Utah makes sense and where I’m directing and deploying forces. Plus getting my beloved LexiBelle finished and customized is my first concern and second to that getting hitched to PoohBear in mid August . Overnight I too was thinking, maybe its time I just took 6 to 8 months off from this radio thing, got me a simple place to live back in Wyoming by maybe September, and just relaxed, spend real time with PoohBear, and was able to go to bed at a decent time, write my book, my screenplays and pick up some extra bucks as a walk on or stand in on some of the films in Utah. A lot of what I firmly decide is based on what I hear or not, from Chandra. Be on air mid morning I’m too tired. 

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