Welcome To Hazzard County 101 Entry 1

Hazzard County 101Cooters Corner

Before I get into this lesson, I need to thank my friend, and associate for dinner earlier this evening and some mighty great viddles. That all said, it was during this meal that some discussion was aimed upon one of the honored guests who came from South Carolina, that as the conversation went along had never been to the big NASCAR track in that metro area, or had any knowledge of even the Dukes-of-Hazzard. Really? After a decade or two of the original run of the series on CBS, Two reunion movies, two major motion pictures one starring blonde bombshell Jessica Simpson, Jean Scott and Johnny Knoxville, the other April Scott in the Dukes-of-Hazzard the beginnings, that also had in it country legend Willie Nelson as Uncle Jessie I mean really its not been that long ago. Now since the Knytes(Knights)- started as the Hazzard County Knytes it became I feel my mission renewed to re-educate the masses on things Hazzard County. As such you might consider me as :

c of hc This task was like it was in the beginning was thrust upon me by external forces. When I discovered Hazzard County, or maybe Hazzard County discovered me the concept was a long way off. Bro and I had just sat down with a very cold and medicinal bottles of Colorado’s best when turning on the free TV I saw my first episode of the Dukes. Here was a TV series that in more ways than I could count, mirrored Bro and my lives. Always turning back county roads into test tracks, getting in trouble with the law because of high horsepower theatrics and so it went. Now it so happened in 1979 I went to some gig or was going to a gig in Utah, for a truckers group I was part of. A freak snow storm, made me take up shelter in Burley Idaho where a young guy had built a close replica of ye ole General. A bit of jawing, and a deal was made that if he decided to sell the car he would call me first. 8 months later the kid was going on a LDS Mission(see how God makes things happen) Bro and I were over there doing some scouting for the diorama for the JaXson, when I found the old General eye balling me fierce. So a deal was made and in July 1980 ye ole General came home to Hagerman Idaho, which shortly after got the nick name Hazzard Idaho. Our shop got converted to the Hazzard County Garage, Jimmy Mac, myself, Bro, and a few others rebuilt that car into one of if not the most potent car in three states. Several State Police Cars and Highway Patrol cruisers will testify. As even they couldn’t catch it. Well our General went to the 1980, Salt Lake City AutoRama when it was in the Salt Palace and was then a real custom show, not some outlet for car parts dealers. CBS/Warner Brothers had their General there as well, however ours was voted both 1st place Street custom as well as the most authentic to theme awards. Several publications photographed the car, and we were then famous. I was invited to do two seasons at the shop that built those cars, trucks and such used on that TV show. In April of 1982 Jimmy Mac, myself, and several others of 15 crammed into what was then the Polish Palace, and June 1982 the Hazzard County Knytes, Kustmz(customs) Association was born, Hazzard County from general-lee-ri_653 and Knytes(Knights) from 19105561_197990097391669_1530712917768907591_n however the organization would be official until October of 1982 since I had got popped for excessive speed in Hazzard, and as such did 3 months aka 90 days in Gooding County;s cross bar motel. So upon release in late August 1982, the Hazzard County Garage became official with the studios blessing, and in October on Halloween Night 1982 The Hazzard County Knytes got its state charter officially by the state of Idaho, and we ain’t looked back since. In a few more lessons here I’ll teach you all how Hazzard County joined a bikers club, and what it means to be a Knyte. With that said, in the beginning of it all was a goofy TV series, called dukeslogo welcome to our hazzard county graphic 1 See ya’ll on the air at 07:00 in the morning.


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