I know what’s been missing now, the Hazzard County factor and the too many pills department

101wolf of hazzard county journal

Ever treasure the time you truly need to sleep, and are aimed right for your nest, when just another task, another tow , or the foriegn Mexicali telemarketer just wakes you up? Or you remember , shit I forgot to take my pills. Having type 2 diabetes, amongst some other things, I have a cute, organized albeit a bit off, but organized in my desk drawer. However if I’m not being careful, what happens I take too many of one, not any of another then I’m messed up for the entire day and having the stress that just got tripled due to doing my responsibility as acting President, pending the recovery of our current President, plus making arrangements to relocate the radio werx between both Boise and Evanston, and with it all trying to squeek out a living towing. One of the key reasons I even came back to this area, was to attempt to recover the magic that started it all from or in the place where we all as Knytes began. Mainly Hagerman, (aka-Hazzard) Idaho here. Which I’m feeling those spirits churning saying that just might be why its been such an uphill climb. See up until mid 1990, it was all, all the time everything Hazzard. Or at least where that is centered. But then after Jimmy died and left Rick in charge as Prezz, who was all in gear to terminate the names of things Hazzard, but somehow retain the legacy. Kind of trying to dance without the music. So by 2007-1/2 after both the Mountain Home/Glenn’s Ferry disaster and coming into a point of no recovery there, there was the concept, go all MC, and blend in if possible the trucking/trucker parts. So we were all set up to do that, at this point, $9,000.00 was put into the Mountain Home Cable TV Access Channel. Lotta good that did. A week after the thing folded, taking our $9,large, and not one peep of any kind from Mountain Home’s City Council etc on a refund. A week after I attended probably the last full on all member convention in Boise, at Shorty’s Saloon there. Where upon they were having MMA fights. The MMA fights had ring girls, as far as I knew here was some hot looking young ladies in hot pants, black hose and T-shirts. So I struck up a conversation. The rest doesn’t need to be told here about that. So a few of the club went with me that were headed back to Utah and points east, decided to camp overnight with me at Glenn’s Ferry. A gail force snow storm hit the only thing TV wise was FX and of course, SOA was on TV. Not to let my mind rest the bunch of us discussed, lets do our thing, based on that image, only directed more along the idea of Truckers rather than an MC. Now about that time, a gal named Becky climbed in the mix, she was from Boise, came to visit for an audition, saw my jaw had swollen from a broken tooth, got me to a dentist. After the dentist she took me to an office complex that was cheap enough, but once the owners caught the new handle for the club, as Knytes-of-Anarchy, they assumed it was a 90% MC and as such turned us down. The thing is ever since we got off course from things Hazzard County and all, As such what we had built as a home brewed custom club combined with a Dukes fan club, was crumbling. No body knew what, who or where we were doing. So to recover and with advice from an associate in Nevada we swapped out the Anarchy thing for Dixie. In 2009 we refired everything with wings and the WolfPack was reborn. As much as the core has been with SAMCRO, the heart has always been and is rooted in things Hazzard. From our love of southern culture and all to what it really means to be a citizen of Hazzard. Then came that magic hour in 2011 when I got that bolt of lightning out of the Heavens that said HazzardAyre, in fact that has and is the center of all our media werx. Then there was those hours that the fight, long before the disaster of those Black people getting blasted and some idiot waved our flag, but there was a bunch of noise, to pull that flag off ye ole General. One of the first people Alma called was me and involved the Knytes. We were not letting that stand so a truce was made with the studios of Warner Brothers, mostly because our crew flew to Burbank, and had it out with the powers that be, hell I damn near got jailed for it. About that time, the idea came to turn the heat back up on things Hazzard. And so it was, until 2013 when I moved to Utah and events that followed. However what it boils down to, is and even Jessie Duke said it, ” To know where your going ya’ll got to remember where ya’ll have been.” stand up for tradition. As such, since I have been placed in charge of the Knytes, it is my full intention to give attention to resurrection of the Hazzard Knytes and all that was created there, even if that journey takes me back to Wyoming. What that means in my next entry.

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