Keeping her in but on a short rope and does Facebook really know geographics?

cropped-ktow-cover1.jpgbook of knytewolf

Even against my decisions, I met overnight with members of the Knytes’ High Council. They advised me to retain Chandra and keep her in the op. However its now in her corner as to how long she and if she dedicates some time to making the spot active or not.  So looked and this relates, but looked on the stat report from Facebook on how much we have spent on ads for cover girl recruitment and spotlighting the radio network. Just under $200.00 and yet hardly if any sales. Which is why having some serious eye candy fluff with one of our custom trucks and not just mine featured on the website, and in enthusiasts publications draws more attention to the streaming site of  HazzardAyre/SamcroMC/Maximum Overdrive Radio. The more followers means more buzz, the more buzz the more attention serious advertisers will give to the network and thus spend money on us, to spotlight their business on our network. So then, after I pruned about 8 idiotic porn style, not exactly right groups, I noticed the pointers from FB saying with an ad on FB you can reach 77,000 people in Wendell Idaho. Now I’m not exactly sure, but has anyone from Facebook, ever drove by, visited, or even just looked over the population stats of the area? 77.000 people here? Where? Heck there ain’t 77,000 people in 8 counties including this one. The only way you could find 77,000 people is to combine the cities of Boise, Twin Falls, Pocatello and Idaho Falls into one, then you might find 77,000 people. But its not just here. I saw the same claim in Wyoming. The entire state of Wyoming has only 500,000 people in it, and trust me fewer live in Evanston, Lyman, Fort Bridger or the entire Uinta County Wyoming area. Why doesn’t Facebook just honestly say, you can reach an estimated 30,000 people near Evanston Wyoming? Not just outright throw the number of 77,000 people out there. Wendell Idaho, or Evanston Wyoming, is not Menlo Park California, or even that immediate area. Heck most of them have moved up here. Even so there still is no where near 77,000 people, and even fewer than 60,000 people here. I like it except for the high costs of living and lack of any outside farm economy commerce here, but I like quiet, no siren, Morning Dove awakening me small town. My only complaint is that to fetch money from say PoohBear through the wire at Walmart, I have to drive 12 miles or so to Jerome, which means holding onto $6.00 for go fluid to go over there in the morning. Which means no SKOAL money which makes me grumpy GOAM-patchthumb2-1-555x590 so no SKOAL no radio show. Was going on the air early in the am on the AM, and all but with a glucose imbalance, and no dOterra to correct it, Milissa and lemon in hot water as a tea, does wonders for that malady, any mile so will be on air near noon today. 

Finally, ever try going number two in the dark? Oh I have electricity but the final bulb in the latrine gave out, was going to snag some yesterday after dinner at Kathleen’s except, the Dollar Store was closed, no cash in the stash for go juice to head to Jerome, to Walmart, so its dark in there. First can’t see to read, then can’t see where the TP is at or how much I’m using. So its do it blind and forget shaving. Rolling into the hangar here. See ya’ll on the air at noon. on KTOW FM , DXC Boise, and KSOA AM and on line at 

my stick ktow fm wyngz

hht headSAMCRO TOEW1

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