The bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

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Some times what your looking for is not a far distance, but under your feet. Found I can buy outright my little house here in SWendell. Thought is, buy it, lease it out for enough cash to get the club’s studio in Boise, plus go to ETown to hover over and repair and restore LexiBelle. So yep I’m a Swendell-ite now. Onto other business. There’s been rumblings from Buhl, from some seatcover that wants to be in the Miss Hazzard gig. Thing is when questioned she had no nylons. Only rompers, whatever those are. I suggested she go buy a pair of stockings, how much can they cost? A few dollars at the dollar store. Again its a factor of if you want something bad enough you can find it or do it. 

On the subject of Miss SamcrO Chandra, seems she needs , help with residency so guess who they knock on whose door, did she come to? Yep SamcrO MC. Which in a round about way serves the Knytes. Last here, Was going to go on air earlier, but the lightning and windstorm here in our area, really kicked the idea in the groin. We had 75 mph winds, golf ball sized hail, and buckets of rain. So drying out. I WILL be on air at 06:00 if not before . On: oh and program note, plan on doing a Livestream event Saturday. at so be tuned into that starting at 20:00 Saturday.Until then:


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