Cause and effect, This might be the end ?


So Friday was to be pay day, Shelly was to get hers, and $500.00 come to me, and I was to get mine, $450.00 out of the $750.00 I usually get after Club expenses are taken out. So after attempting 3 withdrawls from the Swendell ATM’s at o3:00 had my money, the $40.00 from Idaho State, and all good. But after paying the water bill, of $130.00 then car payment of $300.00 didn’t leave much, but thinking that $500.00 from Shelly would be in by 15:00 hours I went to bed. So she calls, says the card has been hacked , can’t get money. She says she called Amscot, a financial crook outfit out of Florida, that lends money and services to those with less than good credit, but Amscot says they have no idea. Excuses after excuses. I have told PoohBear so many times get out of that outfit, but she don’t listen. Her excuse was that A; can’t seperate her SSI from her moms, since her mom is her payee. A SSI Payee is a advocate for people on SSI, that can’t demonstrate they can handle their own affairs on their own. B; she can’t go to a regular bank because of less than perfect credit. Really? I can remember when I was in that pickle up to late 2013. Had Bud as my Payee, he died, leaving me to find another Payee which Thank God became Charlie. Right after we lost our first bid for the FCC LPFM License I moved to Utah. Except I did smart things. Went to MOWEBER Mental Health, met with a counselor, she gave me the paper work, I marched over to SSI there in Ogden, gave that paper, they gave me one for Wells Fargo, I went over there bottom line it took me 20 days to have my money under my own control. If I can do it, surly Shelly should be able to. We’ve been at this task for two and a half years. Thing is, its just not that hard to do. Looking back over the day and the way crap turned out, good sense would have been, haul my ass to ETown, set up camp at Classic Lodge there and my nerves could be unwinding, and prepping for a move. Nope, everything is up against the wall. Couldn’t make the $120.00 to the radio network, so that’s off the air for a short month or two, until I can re-establish service there, Rent needs to be paid come Monday or Tuesday, and my cell phone might get turned off until I can pay that bill. There’s a thing called Cause and effect. If you cause something to happen, there’s an effect. In this case I can’t pay my bills which means people depending on me can’t pay their bills. Just praying my Bishop here will help one more time, then I have to start making changes, this stress and all that’s of it, has to decrease or I’m going to end up dead due to a heart attack or stroke. As far as the programming for KTOW/HazzardAyre Radio, you’ll be able to catch that on for 3 hours overnight every day. At least until mid week when I unplug it and begin to put things in  storage until I can get me a new place to live and a place for the station. Bottom line Shelly’s AMSCOT goof up plus me believing in that and not going over to Evanston as I had planned might just be the end of the rope for this PoohBear thing as well. It depends on her.

See Ya”ll around the galaxy.


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