What the Hazzard County Gazzette is and what it isn’t.

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The Hazzard County Gazzette, is not repeat not all together an all reader publication. Its aim is one thing, educate and entertain us men. While women are also invited to read it, the idea of this is aimed at answering questions men have of things from their heath to questions of why she is really goofy. Many women are. A man has 3 real needs, 1:sex, 2: food, 3: sleep, beyond that most things are optional. Personal desires from our toys, our noise and music, are secondary, as long as 1,2,3; are satisfied we’re pretty much okay. Things like the fact that men are constantly ready to breed. We are turned on 24/7/365. In ancient times and all texts of all religious teachings tells this, while man is supposed to cling to just woman and she to become one with him, it also exclaims about harems, multiple wives, concubines, see even though God while being male himself, knew that men by his design could not keep their equipment bundled up. Guys needed more variety. In most cases we still do. The ancients knew that to populate a planet, it needed men to breed many women. LDS teachings, say this as well. I’m not advocating that every guy needs to go out and create harems, still the desire is going to be there. To men the way we control this natural need is to tame and channel. From hobbies building rides , bikes, aircraft, to rolling around in the mud are merely ways guys direct that testosterone flow. For any woman to say that a man is too old to breed and create children is not real. Even ancient teachings teach that men as old as 250, were breeding and creating son’s and daughters. Examine NOAH, In the Book Of Mormon, many of the ancient prophets lived well to 300 and still bred for offspring. 

Then there are those health questions, of which few if anyone truly dares or attempts to answer. Like the condition of male crotch smell. Yes it can be really bad, or things like why as I get older do my balls hang lower and stick to my leg? Then the comparisons to women. Men at least most of us don’t clean our anus’s well enough so we end up with poop or skid marks in our shorts. We freely admit that. Ever try to get a woman to admit, that they too at times have a brown glow to their g-strings? They will not freely admit that. Then there are those questions that are just curiosity. Like if male mammals with four paws smells a female from the rear, why don’t us male mammals with two paws, smell her rear to see if she’s ripe for coitus? Is this just because we evolved? Did we as mammals smell women’s crotch area to determine breeding status, in ancient times? What if at one point in the evolution of our species, we were all to be going up to women of mating age, and started smelling their butts, mostly it ain’t their butts its the vagina to see if its clean, and to see if she’s able to have children. What if you were out by the fountain by a high rise office structure and all the guys were smelling the crotch areas of the approchable age women? Granted in our current society its against most laws of decency if not legality, but what if that were to become normal? Speaking of smells, first women’s unclean parts from feet to arm pits are really foul. Yet the right scent gets a man ready and willing. Yet the same thing cannot be said for guys. Women will not even approach men’s nether regions, if there’s any stink. Then there are other curious things that are specific to men. Each man. While I’m into foot worship, some guys are into butts. All kinds of butts on women. In my opinion I’d never play in the place since her butt is from where she poops,  In most states in the USA its considered down right illeagle , however many men say they’d gladly do a woman up her anal canal. For me, getting poop on my tool is not something I’d get into although I have sampled that, once at a UAITA Convention, in 1986, in Boise while staying at the then Flying J, Motel off Overland. And once,just because in I think 1992. But tonguing a woman there and all not a fun experience I’d look for to do, but hey many guys, although from extensive research on facebook shows many guys get into huffing, humping licking, tasting a woman’s feet especially if she’s wearing nylons. The woman who is not into that, most likely is not open to attempting a exotic sexual experience. To them sex is for one thing, breeding to have children. For them its Missionary, and that’s it, whip it out, put it in, pull it out roll over go to sleep. 

Beyond these topics we dive right into such things a Confederate and southern history, heritage and tradition, politics, and many other things. However this is a guys site, women are invited , just not to gripe at it.

Church in the AM.

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