I am lighter in mind but so far still behind.

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Went to church yesterday, with this monkey of residency still on my back, but after I consulted with Brother Knight, felt a bit easier. So at mid point during Testimony meeting all of a sudden , and not completely gone, but felt a bit of the weight lift off my back. After the main meeting , trapsed over to McDonalds in Gooding, got a McMuffin and a soda. Came home, was going to take a quick, nap and be on air overnight. What happened was I went under the covers, my mind turned off and I slept. Until 04:00 took a bath, now just waiting for the store to open to go fetch milk to make oatmeal, and get on with my day. The fact that 3 bank accounts got hacked, closely linked to each other, Mine, PoohBear’s and Kathleen’s is awefully suspicious. Any more if its not a brick and mortar business where I can go to immediately and just pay cash and look at who it is dead in the eye, I an’t doing it. I have a few options on my table one involves Charlie, the other involves relocation to Wyoming, but I’m needing to pay my phone bill to where I can at least communicate. Which left it to where I couldn’t even go see Chandra to help her if I could, and I’m also bugging the Club for help on rent. But with the Current President in the hospital after having a stroke, and the Treasurer unavailable, in Texas on legal matters involving the Club, I’m reaching out to other sources.  It helps that I have friends and people who care. Really care. And yet, when other people would be having stress attacks, as Kathleen has said trust in the lord. So I have handed this problem over to him, and am confident he will do as he sees fit. With that I did get ole Bessie warming up for a mid day on air session.

On the beach front situation. I look at my bank account everyday, not to see how much I have, but to see how much I’m overdrawn. If and only if PoohBear recovers her funds from that Amscot outfit, then I can cover the overdrawn thing. The other day though with money in hand and why I do as I do. I really contemplated not paying the waterbill, or car payment just taking off to ETown. Thing is  I promised Dusty and crew that I’d pay my dues to them and I did, For the life of me and I mean it for those words. I cannot be dishonest. I try as best as I can to keep my words. Now too on the beach front situation. Yes for many reasons and it would greatly reduce my stress load if I did. But giving up PoohBear might be worse than just keeping her. I don’t know if it is the fact that she blew the money and can’t really tell me the truth, or if she really got messed up through Amscot. Be that as it is, I dedicated myself to her three years ago and plan on seeing that through. She’s trying. Unlike myself, she comes from a really bad past. From being abused and deserted, to not being able to go to even primary or secondary education, she’s had a rough go of it. She needs me, and just like this house, I need her and it. 

Much more to report, but I need intake of food, see ya’ll on the cyber radio at noon.

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