Yea it’s a Tuesday,


Great mornin to ya’ll, looks to be a scorcher highs today getting into the upper 80’s. BTW; have you checked the parts on your trucks AC system? Might need recharging.  Was watching the numbers on one of our Fakebook pages, looks as if there’s some decreasing going on. In my opinion, I’d rather have 5 or even 10 serious fans and followers that really believed in what we’re doing, rather than 20 or more tire kickers. I call it quality, rather than quantity . PoohBear is still fighting to recover her money of which most of that comes to the Knytes. Some may ask why she does that. Always remember PoohBear is part owner along side me of the media gig here, including KTOW. More over and many don’t grip this, but Shelly is although we are taking a systematic break from each other, but still Shelly is soon to be my wife and mate. We are building resources so that one day in mid year next year we can buy the media op, from the Knytes. As it sits, we are only about 5% of what it would take to do that. 

When it comes to all this human female eye candy cover girl stuff, I’d just assoon forget about it. However I made several promises to my members and brethren, that I would get the concept of cover girls with rods,trucks,etc away from smut, sluts and junk, to more of a dreamy, senious enchantment view. Who needs the junk? I’m tired of seeing naked or dern near naked women with great looking iron. I’d rather see photos that enhance the featured iron, and melded with the theme of the ride. The minute you pull off her britches for a feature photo, you just lost the readers or viewers attention of the ride, and render some idiot with a stiffy. That’s not our intent nor that of the Knytes. Our concept is keep it clean. Not all clean however is innocent, consider that Fonzy, on Happy Days was a biker, now consider the girls at Arnold’s were high school girls, my question then is as of now, how did a grown man Fonz’ys age get away with smooching all those under age girls? Any way I’m drifting off subject a bit, only to relate that while you can do things a bit racy, you don’t have to get into downright carnal. Sure take a pic of a guy kissing a gals toes in nylon hose,alasweet toews only to keep it sanitary, to effect the idea that the pic is with A TOW or TOEW TRUCK, having some gal humping the guy on the back of the truck, not in the wildest dream, I’d never do that nor authorize it for the pages of our publications, etc.( the idea was suggested, I rejected it) Never ever. That said a smooch with her in a poodle skirt, or cheerleaders outfit or a car hop,Michelle-in-Hollywood-Knights-michelle-pfeiffer-16313253-336-500 outfit with a mid 60’s or late 50’s ride, sure why not? Even get her to raise her leg a bit, , (oh and try to find that photo on a Google search), any mile sure interact, make the shot look good, and natural, but don’t smut it up. Photo’s like this to me are much hotter, 

leather hqdefault 251E276700000578-0-image-m-18_1422623569829d44a05508fa89fcac22591c9340ed906 Than just naked or near that way,other sites put up zillions of photos of near nudes or way to in your face sex. I’d rather tease and please. That’s why it takes weeks or even months to cast, rehearse and prep for photo sessions, we don’t just hire some gal, and throw her in your face or on a page and say thank you gal. Not while I have the reins of this gig. Well the show is about to get cranked up, more on that in my next report.Now then talking about the radio show. All too many see our on air and cover girl ads on Fakebook. So they drive up on 3rd west here in Swendell and see this;The Real Wolf's Lair and drive on. Not realizing that while they may see this:

But have no idea that in the rear of the establishment is this: 0605080248 0605080247a a full on full blooming radio station studio which is the heart of HazzardAyre/Maximum Overdrive Radio and of course KTOW, and delivering that too you is this:0605080247b a 20 by 20 Internet transmission system. See why its a pain to move? any mile, if only a few of these timid, self rightious little stuck up women, would just come in they could see what they are passing up. Like a famous producer told me once, if you wait for life to catch up to you, it just might pass you on by and leave you in the dust. The show is on at noon see ya’ll then, on and on the air at 105.7 KTOW.

wolf burstsite cover patch


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