Sometimes all you want is a simple mug of water, Sometimes a cake is just a cake.


There are those times, when your parched and you really don’t want juice, soda, coffee or preytell milk. What you want is just a good old mug of water. Good old God made H2O . That’s it. Froyd said, that sometimes a cake is just a cake. No hidden agenda, no masked sinister scheme, just a frigging cake. It is what it is, nothing more, nothing else. Got a call from our Miss SAMCRO , unfortunately I was in the latrine and couldn’t wipe and pull up my britches fast enough to snag the phone, which will be off for a few weeks, simply cause with the way finances fell this month, no bread in the shed to pay for the dern thing. Thinking of looking into another carrier. PoohBear says she got the crap with her money straightened out, that’s so she says. I believe it when I get the pm with the pick it up number. Bishop Egbert approved help for the rent on the domicile, although that’s groovy, thinking still on groovin to movin come July. This situation is getting worse, not better. It’s too damn bad that all these sweet honeys didn’t take to our offerings, which in turn could have helped the radio gig and all move forward. With it all I got was a good screwing, and its not the kind of screwing that feels good. After all I have been through here, that’s the least many of them could do. When Crimson showed up here only a week or so after I moved in here, I thought we as a casting crew venture were on a good path. In reality all I have done is go from okay to bad. All the money I have put out on these hussey’s instead of rent the first or so month after or just partial rent, plus the getting behind in the cable/internet bill which forced me to go with CenturyLink which if you have read has been a nightmare plus 1000. I dare just any of them, to just show up, and get frisky. This is why outside of MISS SAMCRO, all casting now is booked through TMG, out of Utah. I’ll interview you, but after that the final decision will be made after a interview with Vickie at TMG. At this point all I care about is getting a place for the station, get it moved and set up, getting hitched to PoohBear mid August, then getting my behind outta this trap. Any mile, I will attempt to be inside your Smartphone Radio at noon MST, on 

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