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Radio is, Type that into your Google search bar. The results are astonishing. But maybe not all your expecting. Radio as in over the air traditional radio broadcasting has taken a hit over the years. Here lately more than in the past. New ways of absorbing music, entertainment and of course news and information has taken new highways, from webcasting to streaming(there is a difference) to cloud based mediums, such as YouTube, Mixcloud and others. For me its the ability to reach out and transform minds, aid the lost and bring many into a new state of mind. I remember the hour I got the calling. I had been in radio since age 8 at then KCPX as a weekend jock, but had pretty much gave it up until I heard a lost soul in New Mexico doing a overnight truckers show. Soon after I started tuning in on those overnight trucker shows, but felt there was something missing. The word of God was really abscent gospel and church music wasn’t heard. Even though I had gave up radio as a profession and opted to go trucking and eventually towing. However one early, very early morning after the trucker radio shows began to fade, and localized radio started coming in, I found after trucking 89 head of beef cattle in the trailer over and through a horrific snow storm, I was parked at of all places an LDS church parking lot in Spencer Idaho. My driving partner was in the single bunk, and I was in the seat hunched over the steering wheel. Trying to snooze. However with not being able to snooze very well, had tuned into KSL 1160 out of Utah. On it was the Mormon Choir singing and at that very second heard my calling, bring to light a 24/7 truckers radio station and network, and blending in the idea that God is here and has a message. In other words, be the voice of Heavenly Father for these truckers. Radio is very special to me, and whether that journey takes me back to Wyoming or some other unknown destination, KnyteWolf Media through the Iron Knytes Association and I sustain that voice of God to truckers, bikers, tow jockies and of course educate through southern heritage and history. Radio is special. Through as it is still most of the time can be enjoyed and accessed through a small radio, from anywhere. To snag a line from A.T.&.T from a few years ago, we in radio do reach out and touch people. Radio must be preserved. 

  Truck em easy. 


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