We didn’t give up just saw the light

TOEW BANNER1wolf of hazzard county journal

It’s very early morning here in Wendell, still don’t know if or that if even my Bishop here called my landlord, to advise him he was paying the rent or such. The fact that I got served papers to pay up or move out, was the lighting of the candle. However following a visit from my best advisor on earth the phone rings. Its the place in ETown saying they have my place ready there. This means I wasted all this effort for nothing. Nothing new here. Since a year ago now I arrived here raring to cut some serious thunder over the air and online on radio, plus my own two companies all I have done is waste money and time. When the cable co, here pulled the plug should have I, and turned this around. Reason I mainly didn’t do that was simply the one car I had at the time, was damaged underneeth, due to big gravel in the parking lot. really chewed the under carriage, and ultimately the car failed. So I had to get into another car, of which I have to pay right at $300.00 a month for, and even it has issues. Then one of the area youth doing target practice took out a set of tires on LiL Wolf, the power to heat this place is at $250.00 a month, plus I have to pay $200.00 a month water. Then of course there’s the little hussey’s that said oh yes I want to be a cover feature model, or on air in studio personalities. Not taking the time to really come inside and look at the WHOLE package. Every day wasting ad selling as well as on air time which brought in NO MONEY. All I have been doing is burning, no bleeding money with nothing to show for it. Sure I know that just because I return to square zero in ETown that there’s not going to be no ticker tape parade, or celebration, just cause we came back. But at least there I know what I’m dealing with, have some resources, and Salt Lake City is an hour away. That also includes the resources of Talent Management Group, meaning I don’t have to go through hours and days of casting just to get a feature talent for this publication. As well as enhance the radio network, as well as HCC/SAMCRO TOEW. Of course too, while there is some measure of caution, in ETown, you don’t get labled a child molester just because you ask a kid to lend you their lawn mower. Even though you let em have a few tons of this gravel for their parking lot and back yard. You don’t get cops showing up on Thanksgiving because your old lady gets a tip that the other neighbors are going to shoot you. Plus you don’t get lies spread to a young lady going through a terrible situation of her own that some wild man took a liking to her. I thought gossip and defamation of character was a cause for a law suit. Oh I have a witness or two willing to testify in court on this, and once removed from here; plan on executing that immediately. Someone is going to pay, and pay big right in the area of a half million for their busy mouths. All of this just because we as an organization wanted to come home. No thank you. Then of course there’s the telco. More on that this afternoon. See ya’ll on the cyber air at or near noon on http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf 



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