Erotica exotica FRiday morning

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CARD DRAWhEY honey can I just move in? Dig this had two tows to run preve eve, one a heavy, and one a full pull out. So was at the local Maverick, needed feed and moo, and the new hot clerk, (said she hitched)was there outside chatting with some geezer, and I said too bad there can’t be around here lady tow truck drivers. She says she’s interested. In driving or me? Hey I caught her checking out the package. Dig this too, her name is Shellie. Amazing. So went on the calls, seems as though the phone still works, most likely they’ll pull the plug near noon or so, course maybe PoohBear’s ,money will be in and I can pay bills. Got done with the calls, grabbed breakfast at the Depot, still same food, and began to gather my thoughts. Sure I may loose this tiny house due to PoohBear’s oops on the Club dues money she’s supposed to send, but hey there’s a basement apartment in JTown I’m looking into. With our tow company, as well as part timing for A1, Marine pension, and a possible from DI, I may be turning a page. More over just because of some snubbed feet here, I ain’t putting a stop to my life. To hell with that. Damn it, I’m intelligent, quick minded, and I work hard , damn hard for everything both SAMCRO MC and I make. Why should I let some shaftin beaner, with a house he couldn’t rent for 4 or better years until I showed up, hurt me? And apparently I’m not to hard on the eyes either, even to the married gals around here. Talked to one of the neighbors oldr youth at the Maverick, seems he’s getting out of being a meat slinger at McDonalds, and living in his Grand mothers house. He didn’t understand what the big feud is all about. Hey the kid might be running a quart low, but he’s much smarter than he lets on and way smarter than his older parents. Don’t always blame the kids, blame the parents. Supposedly there’s to be a candidate for a cover girl spot on the SAMCRO TOEW Calendar , who I’m supposed to take a gander at this evening. For once unless a miracle of my phone being paid and all, its one time I get to do an interview in peace. Should be on air tonight into Saturday morning on .

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