Beginning of renewal , A new Miss SAMCRO MC, and horizons lookin grand

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Have you ever been faced with absolute disaster, only to have someone walk through the door, who could fix just about everything or at least help create the path to new happenings? After a week long of Earthly hell over the current Rode House here in SWendell, first had to spend an entire week hounding our Bishop, for the money needed to pay the rent, only because PoohBear’s bread went somewhere in cyber space, I’m still very suspicious about that. My thoughts are that there was this pow-wow between her Mom, Aunts and brother that went, see what happens if you hold back the dues money. Some folks ask why that is, simply I’m here because of PoohBear, why the heck shouldn’t she be required to carry some of the load? Shute, if it were not for her I’d still be in Etown,Wyoming, LexiBelle would have gotten vandalized, I’d have made at least $20k over the winter with my truck, still living in a rent rate controlled luxury dwelling, but since PoohBear, could not get along with the Etown folks thought was move here, she moveds out here , get her enrolled in school at CSI(College of Southern Idaho) get her some counseling and make a home here. But the reluctance to fix her finances and all, with SSI and such, its a year and still nothing. Yesterday, she was supposed to go to the doctor, to get a check up to submit to SSA, to free up her finances from her mom. Excuse, Doctor was on vacation. BS. Truth? Shelly didn’t want to move out here get cold feet , have her finances out here, and have to go back a 4th time in a Greyhound. 

No surprise , that a man gets burned by a woman. She flirts, makes promises, decides it ain’t for her but the guy is left pickin up the pieces. His life, and paying tons of debt. Bottom line, if no money by Tuesday that’s the final chapter of a me and PoohBear. Got a place or two picked out, one in Jtown the other in Etown. Both albeit making things tight but I could begin the healing path. Talk about healing. First there was Chandra, circumstances made that a mission impossible. So while still an associate, not a coupling. Then yesterday, night walked in one of the sweetest younger ladies I have ever met. Everything compact, I can have an intelligent conversation, She’s not spooked about trying everything at least once, , and just so hot. While not looking for anything except being pals and all, still all she’s got to do is give the right wink, and I’m there. That said, I have been hitched 5 times, serious 3 times, I’m just one who can be a married person. I like to be able to wake up on my own schedule , go where and when I want to, and just be free. I can’t just stop and be planted. I have a free spirit and I plan on keeping it that way. PoohBear has hurt me way too deep, and it may take years if ever to heal. My sweet new Princess, From GTown, gave my mind and spirit a lift I haven’t felt in years. This will work. Next entry we talk computers.

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