Ya gotta laugh at the ignorant

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I was scanning another episode of STNG and there was albeit, un-noticable by some, but the word for the Klingon, home world was spelled Kronos. And the actor pronounced it that way. Most if not all STNG or Star Trek fans knows that the Klingon, home world is really pronounce CUE NOS or QUNOS, Sometime those in charge of video and TV/Movie making of continuity are a bit off, as well as those doing props and keeping those scenes, looking time period as well as plot correct. To all these things are not seen. but to purists these things can be a bit  disturbing. 

So had a bunch of things planned to do today including but not limited to, doing wash so that I didn’t stink too bad when our new Princess comes over, yet spent all day working on the new to us computer that Kathleen’s hubby Steve got us. Seems as a bunch of programs had been left out, and those still there needed updating and upgrading.  Not Bagging on Steve, cause I know he did his best but somethings you just don’t think of, and accessories that should be there, just are not. Touched bases with our Princess, she did this thing with her photo from FakeBook, that usually would make me turn, but she did it in a way that it looked like acid rock, style art. Kinda groovy. Then got into a day long fuss with Pooh, and yet, when I got tense, just thought of Princess, and easily mellowed, and was okay. Can’t understand this, even at near 60 years old, one young lady and she is all and everything a lady, yet only for a several hour meeting and all over 24 hours, seems as though I’ve known her a lifetime. When she got her boots off and kicked back on my Pacific sofa, last evening it looked so natural and in place that I just could believe it. Not saying all is all yet, but as I said before the right wink, could make me say the Pooh thing might could change really quick. Saw her kids in the back of her truck, at some thing in Bellvue, with lotts of trucks, wish I could a went. But as I am , I’m a slave to THE MC, and as such, prepping radio. See ya”ll overnight. http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf

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