When Wolvez Fly

There are some things most don’t understand about military friendships. From the time one steps off that bus, and plants your feet on those golden boot prints on the concrete, to the time you get your Globe and Anchor, to when your flying off a floating airport into battle, you and those around you become a rather close family. Moreover those who are in your squadron, become your brothers, most times closer than kin folk brothers. In 2005 at the near end of my active duty in the UCSMC a few of my brethren and I had leave stateside. I had a place in Jerome town Idaho. We soon discovered a place in J-Town that rebuilt military vintage aircraft aka warbirds. Since the MC/Hot rod club I was in part responsible in founding had conquered everything on land we decided to go into these beautiful machines that took us and our ancestors into battle and got us home. So one rather suds filled afternoon, aboard a carrier in the South Pacific, we assembled what would become The Ayre(air)Wolvez Military Aviation Association, dedicated to preserving and honoring all that have flown and continue to fly to defend this nation. Mostly Navy and Marine aviators. Which made the most sense we were the more wild side, of the 214 BlackSheep, we called ourselves Wolvez, or the Wolvez in amongst the Sheep. In and around 207 or so the thought of remaking some of those pinup girls and what is famed as nose art portraits sexy lady JonsPinup kacie_sticker nighthawk6_440 take those images from simple paintings and make those views into real ladies posing with real aircraft. Over time some of that model talent got involved in romantic levels and some just gal pals with organization members, so we decided to give em a name. Pappy called his Pappy’s Lambs, we decided to be a bit more aggressive, we went to the idea of calling the SheWolvez. Usually numbering only 24 and being the choicest, of or visual enhancement crew. There are the regular models of course, but only a select few that we feel more attatched to that are extra special, are called the SheWolvez. 

See ya’ll on the cyber radio at 04:00 or 4:00 AM MST on; http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf 

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