Life in my fast lane, be very careful of jack handles they hurt jaws

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As much as I do this vocational pursuit, I always miss the small stuff, that usually becomes a bigger set of stuff. Last night early morning, venturing into the minds unknown, through serious REM sleep, the summons of a lone trucker calls needing a repair. So out to minishop, fire up service truck, out we go. Just about to finish, and forget to put up the service jack, stepped on it, up came the handle boom into my jaw. So after uddering some profane speach I roll into the Jawspital, get some pain meds and out I went, back to dream ville. Which means I missed rolling over to DI on time, which means doing so early in AM on Wednesday. Tonight is going to be fun on air with painful mouth. Also means very soft food for a few days.  Gives me some time to get all things organized so that Princess can do the work here, while I grind gears in Tweaker Flatts at DI. The thing at DI is short term. Gotta make up for the loss of what PoohBear got messed up $ wise. What many including Princess does not understand, outside of my service to it, the radio gig, belongs to the Knytes, not me. I’m just its mouth piece and its feet on the ground. Not the money chest of it. At least not yet. On the flip side there is, Highway Hooker/ SAMCRO MC TOEW and of course Hazzard County Choppers. Until big shop is pieced together and fully on board no big money if any coming from that, during summer months towing runs are not all that often, so not big money there, so I do odd jobs, and do side tasks like DI, to eat and pay bills, likewise nurse on PoohBears mini money. The bottom line is, radio station, cover girl projects are paid by the Club(Knytes) as for my operation its running by a thread. Okay then found I think if all goes right a keen place on main in TF, that I think will work good for both the MC and me. There’s enough space there that can house all and eventually build into a joint operation between the two. 

Dealing with internal digestive problems as well. Missed taking most of my meds yesterday, so body is not exactly in tune today. More later need to rest, body giving up. 

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