Monday was a great day, and in my opinion, Your soon going to see it as Donald and Kim, rather than Donald and Ivana.

cropped-site-cover-hcg.jpghcg online banner Today was really cool. Went over to DI, got that done, set things up for re-entry Tuesday. With a few to spare went direct to the Depot Grill, mainly because I was so damn hungry I could have ate a horse and chased the cowgirl. So got there, Sammi was there, right away she came over, and BTW, Sammi is the only wait person there that I tip. So was waiting on the food, and Larry Harms arrives, sits with me and had our food, discussing life, politics and business. Larry own Desert Sky Salvage here just outside of Wendell here. When it comes to cars, parts, and such Larry is the go to person. Some folks here don’t like him, but Larry has yet to steer me in the wrong direction. So Larry took off, and our Princess, and sat down, only ordering water, until she finally gave in for the fries. We did the small talk, then got down to business. Remember Princess is mainly and primarily, my protege and second in command around here. When I’m around her my mind unwinds, and I can think, and focus on tasks involving generating money, not just sitting back sucking on Uncle Sam’s hind teat. Princess came up with several funnies over lunch, one that has stuck, like Cable-One sucks and she had Cox, (For those who don’t know, CoX is a cable/Internet provider serving the Sun Valley area of Idaho) . Then since I was not able to spell, correctly significant right the other day, she came up with SO. So I got in the SOB, which can indicate the Significant Other Bitch, or Significant other Bastard. We departed the Depot, and within just a few hours found a place that can house the station, shop, and maybe provide me a home in a few months. While waiting for the real estate guy to show us the office/studio/shop space, I was drueling over this mid 90’s Limo , ooh its beautifil I mean spagniferious. So Princess says, ” Instead of making a puddle on your seat over that Limo, she say we have 15 minutes, so go look at it. So and I’m glad I did, cause I needed to drain the main vein something fierce. All that iced tea I had at lunch was really, making my nuts consider having motor boat races. Told the guy with the Limo what I wanted and will follow through on that between work at DI for a time, and being here Tuesday night to be on air. As soon, as we are relocated in Twin and all, plan is, to have Princess come in from noon or so until 6:00 or 18:00 hours do her shift, then join me on air from 18:00 to 23:00 weekdays, and from 18:00 to 06:00 weekends. When it comes to new hires, I have rarely, been amazed, and in awe of a new hire as I am, of her. She can translate my thoughts into words, she’s tuned in on my frequiency and understands me better than at times than I understand myself. More over I can freely be myself and open up to her about anything. Younger than me sure, but still more wise than many I have hired or has worked under my command. Right at the last minute she notices the bank building I have had my mind on for awhile and says lets go get a number and make a phone call or two. We did. Without thinking it was right in front of Jensen Jewelers , who I have known mike Jensen for years. His wife TammI was one of my fantasies as a teen. Tammi had this sleek looking black Mercury Futura II Kind of a Monarch, but sportier. We’ll just let ya’ll figure out what happened in the back of that black Merc, in 1976. Any mile thought that was kinda ery that I discovered a jewelry store to park in front of. Since Pooh is if she doesn’t mess it up, but considering Pooh, could become my Lady in a few months thought to call her. Just to say I loved her. What does she do? Starts ragging on me. Makes me begin to think of the concept that both Rick’s have done. Swear off women, date em fine, work with em great. but at the end of the day , go to a tiny place by myself, and forget em. At least on a personal level. Sure Princess could change that, Pooh could as well if she’d get off the trminal PMS mood, but dang it, when I stop for the business day, come home put my feet up all I want is food, and TV and sleep, not to have to fix the worlds problems. This is why there are motorcycles, its called freedom. In the words of Emma Goldman, all a man really wants is to be comfortable. I truly believe in the foundation if there truly is one of anarchy. Doing away with dependency on societal boundries, and restrictions. Find what makes you feel real, and worth living and cling to those things, truly look at a morning dove, and just loosing yourself in its flight. Now dig this, and I’ll discontinue speaking of this, as it causes contention. Usually after I eat, especially if its been a long time, with no gall bladder and all, the first thing I need to do within about an hour is find a latrine, and unload. Dig this, With Princess, I’m so relaxed that was not the case today. With my phone battery nearly extinguished , I finally had to turn off the phone and let it fully charge.

Okay then; noticed that on our FB page of Maximum Overdrive, people are liking us. Now let me share some quik bytes here. I was about maybe 11 when I picked up my first edition of that magazine. It was the first one, that told the truth of trucking from the owner operators point of view. Now to understand the publication of Overdrive, when Mike Parkhurst first started it, it was to be just the newsletter of the then RoadMasters that evolved into the Independent Truckers Association. My own Dad was a charter member of both organizations. In 1974 a bunch of youth around here into CB’s and all also wanted to go trucking, without any real sense of what that meant. So in time, the TeenAge Truckers 4-H Truckers Association was formed by joining together the JR-14 CB club and instruction from The ITA. In fact the TTA was the youth half in theory of the ITA. This get’s better and to date I’d love to find the issue, and even the truck, but there was a WRECKER of The Month in Overdrive called the Happy Hooker. I rearranged that into what is our company to day, Highway Hooker Toewing. It all started in and with Overdrive magazine. In 1987 when Mike sold out and created the magazine STACKS mostly directed to the hot shot trucker community, we dove into that as well, and recreated the ITA as the U(United) A(American) Independent Truckers Association or UAITA. Which evolved into the Iron Knytes Truckers Association. In 1992 Overdrive started doing radio. Our radio op dived in and started running both the Overdrive Top Ten Countdown a weekly broadcast of the best of Trucker selected country music, hosted by legendary country radio personality Bill Mack. Now there’s something especially key here so just ya’ll stay with me. So we bought into it, one of the producers of that show was a honey named Mindy Baker. Who did the intro to my show still used today. Bill did a bunch of introduction ID’s for us, but could not quit saying the call letters as cow, he could not get the idea that KTOW was said, K-TOW(toe). Which gave one of my inturns at the time, why not feature more toes, in the images, so others would not make the same mistake. As such was the start of the toew smoochalasweet toews that we feature in our visuals. The story behind the nylons thing was as much as it was okay, the kissing of bare sweaty feet, was just yucky. However I found that nylons, could be scented with perfume or flavoring, to where I didn’t gag when we did the trademark smooch. We currently have 80 likes to our page, we are growing, now if we can just get some of those who like the page, to cough up say a contribution of say $100.00 or so, we’d have expenses on the new studio etc all done and paid for.

Princess will be on with me at 18:00 Tuesday night as for me I’m about to call it a night. See ya’ll on air at 06:00 on 


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