The Master said it best, they listen, but do they hear? The eyes view, but do they see? We are really gaining altitude along with attitude.

motr logobook of rw2

The next set of feet, toes and limbs will be not of me, but that of Princess’s stay tuned.

Working with three computers from different places can be somewhat of a daunting task. You start to create a graphic then meander to another terminal only to move the wrong mouse on the wrong computer. Can’t someone make it to where you can just run one keyboard and mouse and control all three? Speaking of mouse. Mouse was at Simerly’s earlier. I don’t know how she does it, but she always seems so chipper. No matter if she’s having a bad day or not, dealing with a onery customer or not she just takes it in stride and just makes you feel glad your there to buy your lip dirt. Thing too is, I don’t even need to say anything, all I need to do when I walk in is look at her counter, one finger up means one can two means two cans, and she automaticly knows which one of the many flavors I want. Too bad she don’t work for us here at the company, as well as the F.I.R.M. but am glad she’s there when needed. They have a few there that have bad attitudes, and wont converse much. That’s why I time my runs to Simerly’s from 2 pm to closing. That way I know I get the honeys I want to serve me, and those I’d rather avoid. 

Women don’t or are not knowledgeable of mens equipment. Simply because they don’t have the same equipment. Example, as a man grows older our nuts tend to drop a bit to gravity, which combined with sweat and all, sticks to our thighs. Which requires a bit of subtle adjustment. Some think your showing off, thing is you just need to get your nuts off your inside thighs. Or sometimes just need to readjust there location a bit. Do men understand women, a bit better? Some of us do, most don’t. Most of my brethren have no clue as to how she’s assembled. Most male corpuscles, just see the surface without knowing of other areas undiscovered that can enter into some serious foreplay, if not just relaxation. Here’s a thought too: the one way to know that a woman is comfortable around you? If she’s okay with removing her shoes and or going either sock, or bare foot. The instinct of fight or flight is not there. Speaking of which Princess is going to be here to do a Hazzard County 101 session in training, as well as a few hours on air, so gotta go and tune up the studio. Hope she remembers to bring her nylons.  Which relates to the next item here. Does she or does it smell? We have covered this many times here as well as on air. And for not knowing never have figured out why or who called women’s undershorts, panties is beyond me. But yes they and G-strings, etc do at times get ripe. However and I continue the tradition, I saw at OutLaw’s and Angel’s when good old Frank ran it. He’d give a free brew or drink or two to the gals thatwould remove their undeies and leave them there as a trophy to decorate the bar. Likewise I want nylons, socks and all things leggy as hang up, decoration for the studio. That said, without the aroma of the women or woman that wore them, the effect is not the same. Sure I could go to a store and buy a load of these things, but unless the smell and scent is there it has no meaning. Now you say, yea but who is going to see it? Remember we are working to have the radio show run on video as well as over the air. Jump TV and YouToo TV, has in discussion agreement, to run HazzardAyre Radio, over their TV network overnights. Seems as though the stale, and boring Shopping network isn’t generating the level of return on investment for them, so we’ll be there, As such the look and all must be there as well as talk and music. Bottom line its time to get the look of Stinky 18489896_1419960011360120_5097692819953113400_o and kinky everywhere Kinky in the studio. Move over Big Biz TV, HazzardAyre/Maximum Overdrive is coming through. With that said need to get busy on air, see ya’ll in a few and overnight on: and on the big toew KTOW FM.

hooker sigcsaflag

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