Male minds and female grinds, no one knows the wonder.


This will be a rather goofy entry, but I want to make it clear as water not mud. While it would be flattering as can be to some how connect on a much deeper and more personal level, with our new hire talent, the fact is there is no deep romantic interest. While a great gal pal friend Princess is here to do one thing, help our MC and all make money on air, and on video, that’s it. When the air shift is over, when she exits the door, its still going to be PoohBear and me, and that’s as it is.  I just don’t now how to make it more clearer than that. I don’t now, nor do I intend to exchange any bodily fluids, nor he and she things here or on air. Yes a great gal pal friend, that said Princess is an employee of the Iron Knytes Association under my command. No more no less. 

We did have a great show last night. It was good exchanges of information and entertainment. I’m confident that a great broadcast team can be formed here in time. So confident come this fall, we will be launching a series show here  on HazzardAyre/Maximum Overdrive Radio Network, called; the Princess and Wolfie Show. Princess will be doing her own show from 1:00PM(13:00 Hours) to 18:00(6:00PM) to 11:00(23:00) weekdays we’ll be on air with the Princess and Wolfie Show, and of course overnight getting cozy with just me on Maximum Overdrive. 

So that said, again for the benefit of PoohBear, Princess and all that give a squat, there is no, repeat NO ROMANTIC, thing twixed Princess and me, I’m her commander, and she is my recruit, in training for business to make us money. No more no less.

See ya’ll tonight on 

my stick

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